Treat your ‘physical’ body better
As you begin your transformation journey, you will desire to treat your physical body better. You will start to notice your body and how it truly feels. What it needs and doesn’t like.  You will start to come to terms with the reality that what you put into your body really does matter.  
In my journey of getting healthier and healthier, I found this product called Arbonne.  It provides an easy way to be sure your body gets the exact nutrients that it needs for the busy lifestyle that most of us live these days.  They also have replacements for some of the not so good stuff you are probably eating right now.  Things like coffee, alcohol, sugar… It’s not that they are “bad” or that you would never have them, you just don’t need them like you used to. And they aren’t giving you the best chance of feeling the most energetic.  Once you learn how to live, really engage in living and handle anything that comes your way, you no longer “need” what you once thought you needed in order to get through the day.
Now, I offer this service to my people who want to love their body even more.  I can help you purchase exactly what you need at this stage in your journey when you get here.  The best place to start is with a detox to flush out your system and give yourself the space from the things you thought you needed but you realize are no longer serving you.  I like to think of it as a break in your old relationship with food.  Flush out your system and see what happens.  If you feel better, stick with it, if you don’t you can always go back.
I feel way better without the old foods I thought I needed that were actually leaving me feeling more tired, more sluggish, bloated and unsure of whether my body would feel good or not in the day, specifically when I went to the bathroom.  Now my body produces a consistent flow of energy and when I venture off the path which still happens occasionally, I know exactly what to do to get back on the path to feeling good. If you’re ready, let’s chat!