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Focus your Energy

Focus your Energy… Get Liberated and take control of your destiny. Righteousness – What does it mean? Recently, I have been studying this word in the context of Liberated Living and I
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You Are On A Journey

If you are: Wishing for something that you really want Working towards big goals that seem far away Feeling heaviness in your body Frustrated with your current job Struggling to
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Live In Fear or Live The Liberated Way

The difference between living in Fear and living The Liberated Way.  Living in Fear: Receive an impulse or have a creative idea. Feel fear, discomfort and resistant to taking action.
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The mind is a mysterious place.

“The mind is a mysterious place.” Hmm, what if it isn’t? 🤔 What if it’s just complex and more than what you understand right now? More importantly, that belief is
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A New Way To Live

When you are full of shame, frustration and bitterness, you create a world around you with those situations and you are hindered and limited in what you desire to accomplish.
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“That’s too expensive.”

“That’s too expensive.” You were not born believing this concept, you learned it. Expensive is a perception, a judgment not a fact.  What’s expensive to you is different from what’s expensive to
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