You hold the power.

You hold the power. 🏋️‍♀️

Your mind creates your circumstances.
Your mind hears what it chooses to hear.
You will either hear love or you will hear fear.

This is where the saying, “there’s always two sides to every story” comes from. Because literally, there are several ways to interpret/view/judge/see any given situation.

Why? Because we “see” through our past experiences and the decisions and/or beliefs that we generate from those experiences.

For example: If in your life, you’ve had several challenges around flying and travel.
And, you’ve concluded from those experiences: “flying is anxiety provoking.”
Then, when you hear me talking about how I’m going to visit Ireland and Paris and Greece, you will most likely start to feel anxiety because it involves flying and it’s shooting up a red flag to your nervous system.

If you are used to feeling judged or misunderstood as one of your core patterns that started in childhood, then you will feel judged or misunderstood a lot of the time in life including times when you are not being judged or misunderstood.

I would venture to say, most of the time you are not actually being judged or misunderstood even though you feel and perceive it happening often.

Why does it work this way? Because it’s the lens through which your mind “hears” and “sees” from a lifetime of conditioning.

When you feel judged or misunderstood, it’s your core pattern being triggered. The way you know if you’re being triggered vs someone actually judging you or misunderstanding you is when you have an emotional response that is disproportionate to the present situation.

The “trigger” is data to let you know you have an unresolved issue that needs attention. And, until you do the inner work to resolve your core pattern, you will continue to get triggered.
And, you will continue to “believe” that people are judging you or misunderstanding you.

They aren’t.
They are just speaking their truth.

Keep in mind, I don’t know them or their intentions so I can’t speak to them, I can only speak to you and what you are dealing with.

And, this post is to help you understand better how your mind works.
So, if you want to enjoy yourself more and feel more confident in who you are and what you are doing in life, and you want to feel less judged or misunderstood by others, resolve your core patterns.

This is the only path to making that happen in a liberating and sustainable way.

Once you understand your core patterns and how you create them, you know exactly how you create your current circumstances. You understand why your marriage/relationship isn’t the way you want it, you know why you don’t have the money you want, and you see why your body isn’t in the condition you desire. And, the list goes on for anything in your life that isn’t as you want it…

Ultimately, you understand why your mind hasn’t been creating the life you want.

Now, you have the POWER to start creating the life you DO WANT.
And, we go to work on creating it.

This work is the most powerful work I’ve done personally and professionally. It changes your circumstances faster than any other work I’ve done both in my own life and for the lives of the clients I work with.

Game Changer.
🔥 Life is working for you.
🔥 All things work together for your good.
🔥 Take every thought captive to bring it into alignment with truth.

When your understanding increases, these principles become a strategy for “overcoming” and manifesting in your life rather than just being catchphrases you say.

When you stop blaming anyone or anything else for not having what you want, you can create exactly what you want.
This is “solid food” growth.
And, this is where life gets to be easier and more fun. 🤩
And, you get to do more of what your heart longs to experience.

Are you ready loves?
Let’s GO!!! 🔥

I’m here to help you make it happen 🚀. Together, working 1:1 for 6 months your life will transform before your eyes.

No charge for the consultation. Schedule a call here.


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“I AM” is within you

“I AM ____________”

“I AM” is within you, always has been and always will be.

But, you have to really understand this before you can make use of it in the very best way.
How do you fill in that blank for yourself?

The way in which you fill in this blank gives you awareness about who you are and the ways in which you are limiting yourself from receiving all of the goodness of God and Life that is available to you right now.

Get clear on the ways in which you fill in the blank that limit you.
This is what is blocking you from having what you want right now.

Even if you consciously only experience the belief sometimes, it is still present in your internal identity.
And, the way in which you perceive yourself.

These limiting beliefs tend to pop up the most when you are “triggered,” they aren’t rational and most of the time they show up unconsciously, so they go undetected.

For context, these are typically the moments when you are freaking out, anxious, fearful, and worried…
These are the thoughts you think and beliefs you hold that hinder you from receiving what you want.
Here are some examples:
“I am too much.”
“I am a bother. ”
“I can’t have it all.” (I am one who doesn’t have it)
“I can’t find love or be loved the way I want to be.”
(I am unlovable to the extend that i want love.)
“I can’t figure out how to have more money.”
(I am lacking. I am not enough or I am one who doesn’t have enough.)
and so many more.

The solution is upgrading your IDENTITY.
Creating new beliefs
that lead to new thoughts
that lead to action
that lead to results exactly as you desire.
Creating the life that you desire.

For most people, this work can’t be done alone.
It’s a design issue.

The subconscious functions so amazingly that it “hides” certain things from you and it requires an outside “eye” to help the “harmful” thoughts to be revealed.
“You can’t see your own blindspots” as they say.

Also, I believe that we are created for relationships and being in connection for our greater good.
When you see it this way, the design makes perfect sense.

A coach is an amazing relationship to have in your life.
Someone whose full-time job is to support your personal growth and help you achieve your goals.
And live out your life’s purpose and way of helping the world to heal and grow.

Hiring a coach led to my greatest breakthroughs and greatest liberation.

Understand how you see yourself.
Identify how you see yourself using this simple format.
“I AM _______________”
And then, hire the best coach for you.

This is the path to liberation and exactly what you want.

Liberated Living 💖💫🔥

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This is Identity

Let the poor say “I am rich.” Let the weak say, “I am strong.”

This is identity. 

More specifically it represents an identity shift. 

Belief in who you are.  Belief in who you will become.

You decide who you are.

When I say “who you are,” I am referring to who you know in your heart you are meant to be without the hurts of life caked on you. 

It isn’t a mystery.  

And if it feels like a mystery that is only because your life hurts and challenges have told you to suppress who you are. Or perhaps you were told even more directly, “stop being that way.”    

That doesn’t make it any less true.

It just means you need help pulling it out of you and nurturing your belief in it. 


This is the work I do. 

I help you uncover your natural state.  

The parts lost, suppressed, forgotten and the parts you can’t see.  

I help you cultivate the life you believe you should have by removing those blocks currently in your way. 


Your body is fully capable and designed to be incredibly strong.  Being comfortable. Being beautiful. 

Your mind is brilliant, fully capable of creating and doing all kinds of incredibly amazing stuff – inventions and creations of all kinds for the good of humankind. 

You’re fully capable of being rich. 

And, more importantly, this is who you are at your core before you even DO anything. 


In your untainted being, you are rich and living a beautiful life.  You feel amazingly comfortable in your body, strong in physicality, agile in your movements and in amazing health to live well into your 100s. 


And, only people who have a true, insatiable hunger for life will crave to live forever. 

AND, treat themselves the very best, so that they are in the best shape to truly enjoy a long and active life. 

It is your birthright to be rich, strong, & beautiful.  


Action Steps:

  • If you want to be rich, strong and beautiful, decide today this is what you want and be willing to belief it IS who you are and declare it out loud with emotion right now.  
  • Continue to do so until you come to believe they are true at 💯.  

(For most people, you need help removing the blocks so don’t be discouraged if you don’t believe yourself, this is still the place to start.  And then, hire a coach to help you remove the blocks.) 


Let’s GO! 


P.S. I work with folks one on one for a period of 6 months.  I work with folks all over the world from the comfort of wherever you are.  The first step is setting up an initial consultation to get to know each other first and talk about what it would look like to work together. Schedule your free consult here 

Your whole life can and will become so much richer and easier in that period of time.  

Liberated Living 💖💫🔥


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“Prioritizing yourself” is knowing what is TRULY important.

“Prioritizing yourself” means knowing what is TRULY most important in your life.

If you’re anything like me, I didn’t truly know what was TRULY most important until my late 30s.

Of course, I knew the “right” answer… God, family, friends, my purpose (or job.)

In my late 30s, after years of striving towards the above path, I came to a “hard stop” only to get super super honest with myself that that path was seriously not bringing me what I wanted or needed. 

In fact it brought me a lot of what I didn’t want. Emptiness. Sadness. Strained relationships. Divorce. Heartbreak. Stress. Anxiety. Confusion. Poor health.

Just to be clear, I was born into a loving family and over the years I created A LOT of amazing things.  Great success over years. Tons of friends. Trips. Love. Faith and spiritual life. Money. Promotions. Leadership opportunities. And more.

However, I was performing, I was striving, I was being a good girl who followed most of the rules and did it really really well, I worked incredibly hard and sacrificed a lot of myself to show up for others – all of the people listed above.

And the result. I was exhausted and drained to my core.

So, I changed the path. I had to.

With the help of several amazing professional helpers, I got clear with what was truly important and now I live life very differently and my results are MUCH better.

Actually, now, at 45, I still pinch myself years later from the time I had my “hard stop.”

Now, I prioritize myself in a whole new way and have a whole new very specific purpose. No longer am I working to satisfy, please, accommodate, do it the “right” way or check all the boxes.  

Now, I am pursuing the highest version of myself. To restore my true nature that I was born with, my God given nature.

After years and years of life experiences and accumulating other people’s beliefs about me and about the world, my true nature had become very very distorted. So much so that I did not recognize myself.  

There was growth and exploration and ultimately transformation that had to happen to get to where I am today.  Sometimes it was hard, change usually is uncomfortable to some degree even when it’s awesome.  And, I had lots of amazing teachers and mentors and still do.  And, the work has been totally worth it.

Let me be real … every 24 hours of my life is not completely stress-free nor am I 100% in rest, but stress and anxiety are now momentary passings rather than my state of being and I am operating, finally, from a state of rest. 

There is a scripture in Hebrews that talks about living in the restful hand of God and for the life of me for all these 40 years I did not understand how to do. I couldn’t even conceive it in a tangible way, it was always a far away idea, similar to “retirement.”

Now, I am living in the beautiful restful hand of God, no longer waiting for the promised land. What a feat that has been to get here. I’ve been through the “desert.”

(I talk about this presence as God because that is what I learned as a child, if you call it by another name, please know I see you and I honor you)

Come join me in the restful hand of God.  

It’s truly beautiful.

Little did I know in all my years of Believing that I could experience “Heaven” on earth.

There’s more for you my loves, so much more, if you are willing to be your most courageous self and go on a journey to discover the more that God has for you.

For those of you that desire to go on this expedition, I am one of the ones chosen to guide you. To show you the New Way.  

For those of you following me for awhile, you’ve known me as “Liberated Badass” and I still am, it’s tattooed on my arm lol. But now I enter into a new phase of my own journey as Shaman. 

For those of you not familiar with the term, I wasn’t. It means one who loves to study and mentor others, one who seeks personal healing and then heals others and one who sees visions beyond what most can see. 

This is me.  

I am here for you. You know how to reach me.  

Liberated Living 💖💫🔥

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Desire is not selfish

Many successful adults have learned that having needs and desires is actually selfish.  

As a result, they have suppressed them. Denied them for years and years. 

And it has become their normal experience to deny themselves.  

It has intertwined in their faith and their beliefs about God and their way of existing here on Earth.  

And they are suffering quietly in this reality.

So much so, that most folks I get the chance to talk to are not truly aware of what their heart MOST desires.  

This means, we lose sight of what we are intended for, who we are intended to be, and the beauty of life as it was intended.  

Desire is not selfish. It was given by the Creator. Desire is actually Divine.

The game I play now is all about being in tune and in awareness of my heart’s desires. My knowings.  My purpose. In a new way than I have ever experienced before.

When we are aware of our desires – needs, wants, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs we create the life we most want. We are thoughtful and intentional in our life decisions. We function from alignment with who we are intended to be in the world.  

From this posture, we are most capable to love and be loved with ease and delight.  

We serve in our greatest roles and contributions to the community around us.  

We are the most creative and able to access our imagination at the highest level.  

We accept our whole selves, including our shadow side, and therefore have the capacity to accept others exactly as they are too.

If you are aware of how you are living out old childhood patterns of believing you are selfish or that attending to your needs and wants is selfish, if you were told as a child many times over that you are selfish or that being needy is selfish, it’s time to clear that sh*t out of your system. 

It IS holding you back.

It’s time to get liberated and live in the divine knowledge that you were created with desires.  

It’s time to live as the divine being you were created as.

The divine being who is more than enough.  

More than capable of being loved, being accepted, being cherished.

More than capable of loving others with a full cup, that has no neediness attached to it or expectation of return – from a posture of wholeness.  

If this message is speaking to you and you are ready to get even more liberated to operate in the divine purpose of your life, let’s chat! Reach out to me saying this message resonated.  

Sending you love and liberation from the old way which is keeping you small.

Liberated Living 💖💫🔥

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It’s never about the money

It's Never About the Money - Sarah Leslie - Episode 116 on the MoneyHeart podcast

It’s Never About The Money

  • Do you worry you don’t have enough money?
  • Wish you had more money?
  • Feel anxious or ill-equipped when it comes to deciding how to budget your money?
  • Does money stress you out?

You can shift your relationship with money.

Money can feel easy. You can have more of it if you want it. And, you can feel easeful and confident in the way you handle money if you are willing to do the internal work to reorient your identity to someone who is prosperous.

We all want to feel safe and secure. It’s part of our inherent nature as humans.
So, when you find yourselves in a situation that you don’t like or you don’t feel good about, the primary reason you “stay” is because if you leave, you threaten your own sense of being safe.
You may even feel unsafe in that situation, but the “unknown” is usually way more scary.
Money controls so much of what people do and don’t do. So often, I hear “I can’t do X” because I don’t have the money. This is deciding your life based on money. Or, “I want X but I can’t afford it.”
Again, you know you are meant for something or you need something to help you grow and be a better human and instead of trusting you can acquire the money, in your humanness you default to fear and scarcity – “I can’t afford it. “
But, money is just paper so it can’t actually be about the money.
This is so important to understand in order to work past your scarcity and belief that there isn’t enough.
It always comes back to you trusting that you can “find” the money.
And, even more accurately, having Faith that the money is there for you. Believe that God/the universe will provide it for you.
These are big concepts that most people don’t learn growing up. I didn’t learn them and I was raised in an amazing home with tons of amazing life opportunities and experiences.
So, if you want to have mastery of your life, the task before you is to learn these concepts and learn how to apply them to your life.
I help people do this in 6 months working with you 1:1 focusing on creating exactly what you want most in your life.
Send me a message saying “I want help mastering these concepts” to get started. 🔥


Check out this podcast episode to get clear with your thoughts about money so that you can live the life you truly want rather than money dictating your life. I share some helpful strategies on how to view money to help you create wealth and remove blocks keeping you from abundance.

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, Youtube or your favorite platform. 

– Liberated Living 💖💫🔥

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It's Never About the Money - Sarah Leslie - Episode 116 on the MoneyHeart podcast

Being Humble

Being Humble

Being Humble

This was something I heard a lot growing up. You need to be humble; don’t think too highly of yourself.

It was confusing to me … where is the line, what’s the balance between being humble and not being humble?

If I got excited about something that I was good at or something that happened to me, I was very cautious in the way that I communicated my excitement in fear of being perceived as conceded or arrogant. 

This is a hard thing for an adult to understand, let alone a child.

As an adult, I see this same struggle happening in the folks around me.  A great reluctance to get excited about who they are and what they are up to in the world. 

If something good happens to them like a promotion or an increase in income or something simple like they put an IKEA furniture item together – they are reluctant to be excited about it and really boast in their abilities. 


I think it tracks back to this teaching in early childhood about the importance of being humble and not being full of oneself or proud as I remember hearing it. Unfortunately, the way it has been taught alongside of many other shame filled teachings, it has left a lot of people fearful and insecure about loving who they are and what they are capable of. Which means a lot of people are struggling and underachieving.

It’s so wide spread and “normal” that most people don’t even know that it’s a “problem” or the thing that is literally keeping them stuck. Or the thing that keeps them from the very things they most want in life. 

So … what’s the solution??

It’s a surprisingly simple solution. 

The difference between being humble and cocky is who you attribute your greatness to. 

If you believe and declare you are great because you have worked hard and diligently and by your own hand you have created amazing things and believe you alone have made them possible, you see yourself as the one to explain your greatness. In essence you are declaring yourself The Creator. This is the person who is seen as arrogant or cocky because they are “full of themselves” in their minds eye. 

When you do this, you limit yourself to only being as great as your mind tells you that you are based on the evidence.  You also look to the world and other people to tell you that you are great and to “approve” of who you are.  You chase after things that the world says make you successful.  And, when you do get that approval often times internally, you don’t really believe them and you doubt whether you can continue to create at that level.  

On the other hand, when you recognize that your greatness comes from a Source greater than yourself and you attribute your greatness to that infinite Source, you are simply declaring the truth.  You are amazing because you are a manifestation of the Creator who decided to create you.  The one who made you infinitely unique and yet infinitely similar to other humans.

That last line in itself is amazing and stretches my own mind still.  Another way to understand it is to say, you are fully human and fully God-like.  Wow!  Again, a concept that defines human understanding and yet is available to all right now. 

Back to being humble …

When you say, “I am amazing” because I was created by a Source greater than myself, the infinite all knowing Source, you are celebrating creation.  You are declaring what is true and enjoying it.   Just as when you say the ocean is amazing and so beautiful, as I do every morning when I gaze out upon it. You are celebrating creation and the one who created it. 

The same goes for YOU and what you are capable of. 

So, declare with boldness who you are and what you are capable of; how you utilize your gifts and talents. Shout it from the roof tops with joy and delight. 

Expand your appreciation for who you are and the heavens open up.  Your mind opens up to even more possibilities of who you are and how powerful you are and what you can achieve. 

Humility is celebrating who you are and attributing your greatness to the Source that created you.  🎉 🎉 🎉  

Never again hesitate to get excited about you and about who you want to become. 🔥🔥🔥

Freely and persistently ENJOY who you are.  The more you do the more you become more of who you want to be and the more you are able to enjoy who you are right now. 💖💖💖

I mentor highly motivated individuals to live in their potential and to create the life they want in less than 6 months.

– Liberated Living 💖💫🔥

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Now is the best time to get what you want. Let’s chat. We’ll spend about an hour together getting clear on what you desire in your life and how I can help you get what you want. No charge for the consultation. Schedule a call here. 

I used to be tired ALL THE TIME

Tired woman with her head down in her arms

I used to be Tired.  ALL. THE. TIME.

But, not anymore.  

In fact, I’m rarely tired now.  And when I’m tired, I know why I’m tired.  

It’s no longer a mystery. 

Now, I help people get rid of tiredness by taking charge of their lives and living life on their own terms rather than being overwhelmed and stuck. I help people make this radical shift in less than 6 months. Are you ready?

I went to doctor after doctor for years to figure out my “tiredness” which progressed into “exhaustion” in my 30s.  

In my memory, “tired” started in late high school. I would come home from the school day and go straight to bed for like two hours.

Thinking back on it now, it felt normal enough. I mean we were waking up super early to start school at 730am and then there’s all the research that validates I needed more sleep and waking up that early isn’t good for teenagers. And, I’m pretty sure at least some of my friends were doing the same routine. 

But, this pattern showed up sporadically throughout my whole life as I reflect back on it now.  

It wasn’t just an isolated period as the research would have led me to believe. And, it wasn’t “just a phase” that I would grow out of and I definitely wasn’t “just tired” or “in need of more sleep.”  

No, now I can see it was much deeper. Issues permeating the core of who I was and how I saw myself started showing up in various medical symptoms like “tired.”  

I remember other physical symptoms even earlier than that like leg pain in my later elementary years and low-level anxiety that started then as well which could be explained away in multiple ways from “being an adolescent” to “she’s moved around a lot.”  But, really everyone’s got stuff like that we could “blame” it on.  

I don’t buy any of it anymore. In fact, I’m convinced that it’s not any of those things. I’m not saying those aren’t real, I’m just saying those aren’t actually THE problem or the core of what’s wrong. Nor will solving any of those things actually solve the problem.

So, what’s happening?  And, how does it relate to your tiredness right now at this stage in life?

When a person isn’t fully living, I call it being asleep.  

This fits right in to understand, “tired.” Often in the teenage years you start to come into your own and some of us venture out into life, trying to be ourselves and it’s messy. It’s loud, it’s opinionated, it’s colorful and well, oftentimes the world can’t handle it and they try to shut you down. They tell you to be quiet, to stop being too much and to tone it down.  

This is when “tired” starts to roll in.  

It has absolutely nothing to do with how much sleep you did or didn’t get. It has everything to do with the level of acceptance you feel from the people in your world and that you feel towards yourself. 

And, in addition to feeling tired, you also start to develop storylines like, “I’m too much,” “people don’t understand me,” “I can’t be myself around everyone.” These storylines dictate how you show up. You develop “rules” or guidelines for how to show up in the various places of your life, at home, at school, at work and how much you can or can not be yourself.  

Now, you regulate yourself everywhere you go because ultimately we all want to be accepted and understood by some people.

You change or alter who you are or how you would naturally be so that you “fit in.” In a lot of cases, this is done unconsciously and so you don’t even notice how much you are regulating yourself. 

I know for myself, I actually used to think of it as a superpower to be able to accommodate the various “rooms” I spent time in. I called it being a chameleon and prided myself on being able to fit in wherever I went.  

Now looking back I can see another side to it, a deeper truth. In my quest to fit in, I was actually wearing a mask. 

Over the years, I became better and better at this superpower.  

However, at the same time I grew more and more anxious, restless and discontent with life and also more and more tired. 

I had no idea that these two were connected to each other, my ability to fit in anywhere and my “anxiety/tired/restlessness.” Plus, it seemed like most people were anxious in my world – worried about their jobs, their relationships, money so I fit in perfectly to also be worrying about all of those things too.

But, I hated the feeling of restlessness and more and more I didn’t like the feeling of wearing a mask. It got to the point where I didn’t feel like I could take the mask off even when I was alone or with my closest friends. I couldn’t shake the feelings of anxiety, restlessness or tired and instead those just became my “normal” states of being.  

Tired was the worst of them because I loved my energy. I loved being able to accomplish tons of stuff and being able to go go go.  

I turned to the doctors and medical professionals for an answer. Why was I so tired all the time? It didn’t really make sense to me. I used to have so much more energy. And, my life wasn’t more stressful than the next professional juggling all the things. 

Eventually after living out this storyline for a few years, I landed on ‘I must have fibromyalgia’. It was an answer for me. I could rest finally knowing there was an answer so I could shift to treating it.  

The main treatment for fibromyalgia is decreasing stress and taking really good care of yourself. So I started focusing on all the things – yoga, walking, meditation, and lessening my stress.  

I radically changed my life. Changed my job, my living environment and committed to doing my own internal work with the help of some amazing experts that really understood what was going on with me emotionally. Over a period of a few years, I committed to a new lifestyle, one I now refer to as Liberated Living.  

I shifted my identity to a person that was no longer sick. No longer unhappy and no longer tired all the time.  

Instead I focused on being well, healthy and strong.  

I learned how to stop wearing the mask. I started getting clear and honest about who I truly was and how I wanted to do life on my own terms. 

The more I focused on being my true self, the less tired I felt. The more I practiced letting my yes be yes and my no be no, I felt more at ease with myself. The more I learn to be honest about my feelings and what is going on in my internal world, the healthier I get and the more secure I feel.  

I’m committed to healthy routines and habits, like meditation, thought work, exercise, eating healthy, because my very well being depends on them happening consistently.

My feeling good and well rested depends on my mind being at ease, secure and confident in who I am vs “fitting in”.  

I am no longer tired.  

Even on nights when I don’t get as many hours of sleep as I would like, I still don’t feel tired. And, when I do feel tired, it’s because I’ve exerted myself to a level that wears me out and it makes complete sense that I would feel tired. 

Most days, I feel at rest. I feel satisfied because I like who I am now. This leads the way for me to operate at my best.  

This has taken a few years to establish. But, now I understand the impact of my thoughts and my feelings on my health. And it’s made all the difference. 

I spend time getting clear on what I need, what I want and what I desire for the future. And, I work with a coach of my own to be sure I am on track for creating what I want in my life and helping me to remove the obstacles that I can’t remove on my own. 

If you feel tired all the time, there is a solution. In most cases, tired, is a symptom of a much bigger issue. Even if you have been told that tired “makes sense” because of a health concern, I welcome a conversation to explore if in fact it is a part of a bigger set of symptoms that, if relieved could set you on a whole other trajectory of living your best life in a relatively short period of time. 

You are designed for health. Designed to be at rest. Designed to feel safe and secure within who you are. And, I will teach you how to do it.  

Liberated Living 💖💫🔥

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Now is the best time to get what you want. Let’s chat. We’ll spend about an hour together getting clear on what you desire in your life and how I can help you get what you want. No charge for the consultation. Schedule a call here.


Safe and Secure within Myself

“Safe and Secure within Myself”

Safety and security are perhaps the top two needs that every human craves and desires to feel and drives much of our behavior.

Ankit and I worked together over 3 years ago. And then we reconnected again this year to work together for another season. Ankit is a highly driven and ambitious person with lots of amazing talents and goals for his life. However, 2020 was a tough year for him as it was for many people.

During the initial consultation call last year to assess what he wanted and what was standing in his way, he admitted that he had felt the pull to reach out to me for several months and just kept putting it off. He said, “I knew that you would be able to help me get back on track.”

He shared with me that he was struggling to get his high drive and optimism back. A very dear relationship in his life had ended. He wasn’t caring for himself as well as he wanted to, his state of well-being was lower than desired and he felt stagnant. Overall, he wanted to feel excited about life again, find true love, and feel more financially secure.

As we began our work together, this one main goal emerged, “I want to feel really good about who I am.” In my words, he desired to trust himself at a level he had not experienced before, and to be comfortable in his own skin, knowing that from this state of being he would be able to accomplish his bigger goals – finding true love, feeling confident in his ability to create financial freedom and accomplish his life goals.

By the end of our work together, Ankit had this to say on our last call of the 6 months:

“My biggest transformation has been feeling secure and at peace. The biggest shift has been seeing the whole journey from last year as a lesson rather than complaining or whining about it.”

Now, instead of feeling like he is missing out, he sees “finding love” as an opportunity to welcome another person into his already amazing life. And, he is focused on his path to creating financial freedom and has recommitted to his passion for day trading. In his current job, he no longer feels burdened by his responsibilities to overperform and instead goes through the day from a place of trust and ease knowing he is doing top-level work.

Pictured below: Ankit is an avid photographer and captures amazing sites regularly. Instead of sharing a picture of him, we chose to share one of the pictures he has taken in the past few months that represents his newfound freedom and transformation.

Ankit also reflected this to me: “Working with you now is way better than 3 years ago. You are really different. You are more grounded and more spiritually connected which makes you a better coach.”

I shared with him that the difference he sees is because I up-leveled my investing in the coaching & mentoring I am getting for my life and it makes a huge difference.

~ You too were created for an extraordinary life. 💖💫 🔥

For you reading this, Now is the time to radically up-level how you feel about yourself and how you think about your life. When you feel good about YOU, you create a life that you truly enjoy.

It’s time to commit to yourself and the desires of your heart.

You matter. You are valuable and you are worth it! 💥

Now is the best time to get what you want. Let’s chat. We’ll spend about an hour together getting clear on what you desire in your life and how I can help you get what you want. No charge for the consultation. Schedule a call here.

Let’s GO! 🚀

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Liberated Living at its best!

Result of Coaching with Sarah

Liberated Living at its best!

This is Kevra, a school teacher in Florida for over 30 years. She came to me in a really poor mental space. We now refer back to that time as “being in a hole with no way out.” She believed I would be able to help her get out of her hole.

By the end of 6 months of working together weekly, not only was she out of the hole but she was taking radical action in her life. Created a plan to retire from the school system early, and she was committed to her body through regular SPENGA classes and nutritious eating. And, she decided to open her own specialized school, a dream delayed, for students that she watched falling through the cracks for years.

She desired support in opening her school and knew she had several more big transformations to make in order to make this new life of hers sustainable. Her life was totally centered around work before and she absolutely didn’t want that to happen again.

Together, we trained her mind to claim her own 24 hours for herself rather than giving it away unintentionally, she trained to choose the things she desired vs the “should’s” and she learned to use her voice to speak clearly, directly and confidently. She is now a conscious creator of life, no longer letting what she truly wanted to pass her by.

By the end of one year of working together, Kevra now owns her own school which is half filled already, she is earning an income equal to her previous paycheck, she works half the amount of time as before, sets her own schedule, loves all her students, deeply purposeful and overjoyed to be living as this new version of herself.

In her own words:

“I have been working with Sarah for over a year now. I have created a whole new identity and am living my best life due to her coaching. I retired early from the public school system in June. I opened Kevra’s Korner a month ago and have already recreated my annual teacher’s salary. Now I am teaching my students my way with complete joy and love.

If there is something in your life you desire, contact Sarah. I promise she will help you achieve that desire.”

– Kevra, Liberated Client

(The picture above is her just finishing a 100-mile ride in SPENGA, a goal she was able to tackle as a result of training her mind to work in her favor rather than against her!)


Liberated Living 💖💫🔥


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Now is the best time to get what you want. Let’s chat. We’ll spend about an hour together getting clear on what you desire in your life and how I can help you get what you want. No charge for the consultation. Schedule a call here.