Increase your trust in yourself by setting boundaries that promote your growth.

This is a new way to view boundaries.

You used to see them as hard and challenging to impose because you thought you were hurting other people.

You thought you were being “mean.”

You wanted to help everyone and so you gave everything of yourself.

But, now you know that doesn’t work.

Now, you know that leaves you empty, tired and feeling alone.

Now, you want to live a new way where you get to enjoy your life while also helping others.

Decide that setting boundaries is a way for you to show more love to yourself and to others.

You are being more honest about who you are and what you need.

You are communicating more openly with those around you.

Boundaries allow you to be more and do more.

And as you be more and do more, you are being more love in the world.

Start today.

Get in touch with what you need, what you want.

What would be the most honest, direct, clear version of you in action.

Once you have this version of you and your day in mind, set one boundary that you normally wouldn’t set.

For yourself or in relationship to someone else.

And, celebrate this new action afterwards.

This is how you become more trustworthy with yourself.

More dependable.

More confident in who you are and what you are capable of.

More capable of handling your life in a way that honors you and others.

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