The difference between living in Fear and living The Liberated Way.
Living in Fear:
Receive an impulse or have a creative idea.
Feel fear, discomfort and resistant to taking action.
Do it anyway.
Question incessantly whether or not you did it the right way.
Obsess about whether people will judge you for what you did and how you did.
Worry about the outcome and if it will produce the result you want.
Feel bad if the action doesn’t go as you wanted it to.
Judge yourself.
Result: Feel shame/feel badly about yourself and your abilities.
Long term affect: Reinforces you are not to be trusted.
The Liberated Way:
Receive an impulse or have a creative idea.
Feel the fear and uncomfortability of taking action.
Know that you are love.
Trust yourself to take action knowing you are one with God.
Take action knowing it WILL yield fruit.
Get excited about what the opportunity will bring into your life.
Result: Feel good about yourself regardless of the outcome.
Long term affect: Reinforces you can trust yourself.
Shifting from living one way to another is a process and it requires you to follow a process, otherwise you will find yourself trying to change your mindset or working on “trying to be different” for a very long time instead of actually BEING different and getting better at it.
It can feel hard, overwhelming and confusing because you’ve been “trying” to do and be different for so long. But, when you follow a process and you have a mentor to guide, teach and encourage you it can happen very quickly.
Game Changer.
Stop settling and “trying.”
Live the life you want to live.
Impact the world.
~Get Liberated 💖🔥🌟
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