If you are:

  • Wishing for something that you really want
  • Working towards big goals that seem far away
  • Feeling heaviness in your body
  • Frustrated with your current job
  • Struggling to build your own business
  • Not making the money you want to be making
  • Alone and don’t feel like you will ever find love
  • Not experiencing the love you want from your partner
  • Uncomfortable in your body
  • Feeling at odds with your body or wishing you felt stronger physically
  • Feeling numb and disconnected from living
  • Living with the pain of grief and loss

I want you to know you are OK.

There’s nothing wrong with you.

You are just on a journey.

There are things that you don’t know right now.

Things that you can’t see because you have blinders on that you don’t know you have.

Most people think they just need more time to figure things out …

But, that’s not true.

You don’t need more TIME, you need more AWARENESS.

Years ago, when I was working at the treatment center, I would remind my team of therapists regularly that the clients don’t really need more education on addiction or more tactics on how not to drink, they already know more than most people on the topic.

The thing they need most is greater self-awareness.

Right now, they don’t see the way forward.

They know there is one, but for the life of them, they can’t find it.

And, so they feel hopeless, frustrated, fed up and well, a part of them is “attached” to the idea that they “can’t” figure it out and “won’t” figure it out.

Because in their CORE they don’t BELIEVE they can have what they want.

Really truly have what THEIR heart desires.

If they truly believed at that they COULD have what they wanted, that they too could live a “normal” life full of exactly what they wanted, that they in fact have equal access to it like everyone else…

then of course they would use the education we’ve given them, implement the strategies they’d been taught and start cultivating the habits needed to stay sober.

I say all of this to remind you wherever you are in your journey through life, as you are leading others and impacting so many people, you too CAN have what you want.

You too are MEANT to have what your heart desires, NOW not later.

And, you WILL have what you want with increased self-awareness and belief.

Everything that you want, starts with these two things.

And, then comes strategy, tactics, and supporting habits.

When you have true self-awareness and deep rooted belief,

  • your identity shifts,
  • you come into alignment with the truth,
  • self-doubt goes away
  • and you easily (although it may be uncomfortable at first) take action toward what you want.

It becomes inevitable that you WILL have what you want.

Cultivate Belief: “I can have what I want right now.”

This is the work I do with people.

I help you see the things your mind doesn’t have access to right now.

If you are READY to have the things your heart desires and fantasizes about, I can help you make this happen much quicker than you would think. Let’s GO! 🔥

The first step, is a consultation to see we’re a good fit. No charge. By the end of the call, you will be super clear on what you truly want and what exactly is holding you back. Send me a private message to start the conversation or schedule a time to meet with me at the link here.

You can have the personal freedom and control over your life that you want.

~Liberated Living 💖🔥🌟

People hire me when they are ready to upgrade their lives and be in control of their destiny. I teach how to live a new way and help them make the shifts they want to make in under 6 months.
It’s your time to upgrade, I am here to guide you! 💖

I work with people for a period of 6 months 1:1 over zoom anywhere in the world.

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