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I was an expert at helping others and yet as I approached 40 I found myself questioning, “Is this it?”
My whole life I’d played by the rules, listened to all the voices, did all the ‘right’ things and yet after working SO HARD for 20 years in a career I loved, finally making 6-figures, successfully running agencies and owning my own beautiful home I realized… I was MISERABLE.
In fact, I was slowly dying inside..
I was unfulfilled and unsatisfied with life. I had lost my “why” for living and couldn’t find my way out. I felt empty like I was just going through the motions.
Worse yet, I felt alone and guilty for not being able to just appreciate my life. And, even with all my professional experience, I couldn’t figure out how to truly help myself. But, I knew for sure I couldn’t keep dragging myself through the days. I knew I was meant for MORE.
Then one night with a broken heart, I made a decision. And, I got help.
It was time to take massive action.
I got super serious about addressing the parts of me that felt too afraid to make the changes I knew I needed to make in order to get free from the expectations and pressure I felt in my life.
It took hard work and time but I was determined. And I committed to the process. And I re-emerged as the bravest version of myself. I made the changes that I had been putting off. And, I stopped being confused about who I was and my purpose here on the planet.
Now, I have reprioritized my world to reflect my true values.
Spending time with people that energize my soul including my husband whom I adore and is my partner in life. Focusing on my own personal growth so that I can show up in the world as the person I desire to be.
Doing meaningful work that excites me, connects me to great people all over the world and allows me to use my unique gifts to help the world while bringing in an income that pays for my lifestyle.
And, filling up the rest of my time with things I want to do, including cool adventures like traveling around the country in a camper van, getting out into nature, taking care of my body, cooking delicious meals and having thought provoking conversations.
But, most importantly the “I’m not good enough” and “I could never do that” thoughts no longer control my life and instead I ENJOY being the person I am.
Hello, I’m Sarah…
I’m a clinical psychotherapist turned life coach, mentor, and entrepreneur. I spent the first 20 years of my life working from the therapy chair helping adults and youth from all walks of life making significant changes.
Then after my own transformation several years ago, I switched to life coaching in the virtual space so I could work from anywhere, with folks from anywhere.
Now, I focus on helping other super dedicated professionals (& their families) just like me to break out of the old way of doing things and make the shift to prioritizing themselves so they can become much healthier, stronger leaders both in their personal and professional lives.
Are you living the life you were meant to live?
When you’re not living in your purpose, life feels REALLY hard.
Truth is most people get side tracked from their purpose because they are listening to the many voices around them telling them how to live their life. And, if you’re like most dedicated professionals, you believe you should be able to figure it out on your own.
I’m sure you’ve been doing all the things… reading self-help books, implementing new habits, trying out programs and spending your lunch hour watching YouTube videos on “how to” get out of this miserable state.
And you’re still not seeing the results you want.
So…what’s the problem?
When you’re not living in your purpose, life feels REALLY hard.
It is nearly impossible to get out of your own way or see your own blindspots.
If it were as easy as being more disciplined or working harder, you would have figured it out by now.
Critical self-talk, people pleasing, perfectionism, “shoulding” all over yourself, living up to everyone else’s expectations of who you’re supposed to be…is what keeps you stuck and your mind keeps telling you the same old story over and over again.
All of this leads you to chronically feeling dissatisfied, unfulfilled and unable to create the life you truly want.
Now it’s your turn…
It’s time to get reconnected to yourself and to your purpose. To fix your identity problem by getting clear on WHO you are and what you were CREATED to do.
It’s not just a matter of feeling better, it’s about BEING better. I will teach you the skills you need to create a life you enjoy, where you are certain you belong, you feel a deep sense of purpose and connection to yourself and to others.
If you’re at that point, where you KNOW something has to change and you’re READY to take the first small leap to changing your life… I can help you.
Together, we will walk through the process of transformation!
Ready to get started?
“Sarah, helped me understand that the progress I want to see really resided with me first.” – Regine
“Sarah, helped me see a way out of where I was.” – Kevra