“That’s too expensive.”
You were not born believing this concept, you learned it.
Expensive is a perception, a judgment not a fact.
What’s expensive to you is different from what’s expensive to me. And it varies by the thing you are buying as well.
Since “expensive” isn’t a fact or a number we can all agree on, you know that this is also something that changes over time and by the circumstance.
For instance, the amount of money you spend on your first car is likely very different from the money you spend on your current car. And, you may have thought at the time of purchase, “this is expensive.”
This is because you were taught this CONCEPT as a child and you learned a unique formula for determining how to evaluate which things are “too expensive” that is unique to you and your upbringing.
And, while the numbers change over time, the formula stays the same.
Until you learn how to change the formula.
This is important to know because when you come across something that you want but it falls into the “too expensive” category based on your own unique formula, often this causes you internal conflict.
You really want something but it doesn’t align with your formula about what you allow yourself to spend money on.
Most people are using the same formula from their childhood upbringing because they have not upgraded their formula. Of course, most people don’t know they are “using” a super unique formula.
And while you may unknowingly tweak the formula a little without as an adult, ultimately until you learn a clear new formula, you will continue using the old one.
Awareness around why you spend the way you do, OPENS UP your world.
Understanding the “formulas” that you currently use to make decisions on how you spend and invest your money is EYE opening.
And, learning a NEW WAY for how to invest your money, where you feel confident and clear about your purchases and feel really good about your decisions is LIBERATING!
Join me in learning a NEW WAY of living so that you can feel powerful when it comes to managing your money.
And, the best news, is when you learn this NEW WAY of living you learn to apply the process to all the areas of your life, not just finances.
And, you are the most useful to the ones you love and your greater community.
~Liberated Living 💖🔥🌟
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