Trapped in Groundhog’s Day?

Saw my first Groundhog out and about this week.  

He was on the move and looking all around, quite a cutie from a distance!

The movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray is particularly clever and uncomfortably humorous.   As humans, we are prone to easily get stuck in living the same day over and over again.  Doing the same thing over and over again, unconsciously creating a complacent and monotonous existence.  

I was recently helping a client who was feeling this groundhog effect, specifically with his struggle to end a behavior that he has been doing for many many years.  He wakes up each morning going through the day doing the same thing even though he also has a gnawing heaviness pushing him to live differently.  He is stuck in the routine of what his life has become and he is fearful of the unknowns on the road ahead. 

Intellectually, he has had enough transformative experiences in our work together that he knows life will be better once he makes this change.  And yet, he’s really struggling to commit to making the change because as with any long standing relationship he has feelings, emotions, memories and needs tied up in the behavior. 

As it is with most people when they are struggling to “change” in some way, they are fearful of what life will be like afterwards and whether or not they will be equipped to handle life without the thing they have been relying on to help them.  Most people are not consciously aware of this fear as it is hidden deep within us.  

If you feel a heaviness or sense of suppression in your life, it is the main sign that there is a behavior, person or circumstance in your life that needs to be redefined in order for you to allow the highest version of yourself the space to grow.

I like to think about my attachments to certain things in the context of a relationship, it makes the dynamics easier to navigate for me.  When you see yourself in partnership with a behavior you are doing, let’s use drinking alcohol or over drinking as the behavior you are trying to change, (Swap out your own personal struggle – a person, food, sex, spending money, overworking, staying in a soul sucking job, dissatisfaction just to name a few.)  Over time, you create a relationship with said behavior/person and the effects that it has on you.  Whether it is to be more social, relax, sleep, speak more honestly or to escape your current reality.  It is a relationship that benefits you and fulfills a need that you have.  Otherwise you wouldn’t be in the “relationship.”

And so when you run into unwanted consequences with this behavior and you want to stop doing it, it is not as easy as you would want because you have developed a “partnership” with it.  

So, just as with any relationship when you recognize it is impacting you in some unhealthy ways, you need to redefine the terms or break up altogether.  The following is my formula for doing so.

First, honor the ways in which the relationship has helped you, has supported you, has helped you through hard times when you couldn’t do it yourself or has helped you be more of yourself when you felt too insecure and self conscious to do it alone.  Then talk it through to explain why the relationship can’t continue the way it has been because it is preventing you from growing into a higher version of yourself.  Allow yourself to experience the feelings that would come if you were separating or changing up any relationship.  Most people experience sadness when they separate even if the change is good so allow yourself the freedom to recognize these feelings.  And the feelings of fear of the future and whether or not you will be able to handle the difficulties of life without the “relationship.”  Then, communicate clear expectations and boundaries for how you will engage with this “relationship” moving forward.  

And then, take the leap.  

This is my formula for transformation which will help you transition and change any relationship you are in that is currently not working and needs to be redefined.  It is the formula for liberation.  It is the path to letting go and releasing.  

Remember, the highest version of yourself is waiting for you on the other side of this transition.  Make the decision to leap and practice faith that you will reap the rewards of following the wisdom of your inner voice that is guiding you to make this change.  

If you’re struggling to make a change, it just means you need some help.  There’s no need for shaming or judging yourself, you just need some help redefining it.  There’s a block that you have inside of yourself and you can’t undo the block alone.  We are created to be in partnership with others as the mechanism for reaching our highest potential.  

Find someone who can support you and help you see the block and remove it.  Your higher version of you is waiting on your liberation!

If you believe I can help you, send me an email at or go to my website to schedule a consultation call with me and let’s get you liberated!

“Training is “hard” work…”

Most people don’t get to experience an extraordinary life because they believe it will be too hard or too much work to change.

They give up before they lose the weight, before they get the job they want, the love they crave or their bigger dreams met.  And, they settle for the way things are.

Why?  Because they believe it is too hard.

See our little Rosie above.

On most mornings, she is bouncing around like Tigger, excited about the day.  However, this morning Troy started training her using a halter leash.  For those of you unfamiliar, this type of leash controls the dog’s head via a leash around their snout, it keeps them from sniffing the ground and it requires them to stay focused on you.  It is counter to their natural state and a completely new experience than what she has had in the 5 months of her life.

In effect, when we train our dogs to be house pets, we are insisting they become different from their natural state of being.  This is just like the transforming work I help people with through coaching.  Helping people shift what has been their natural/normal state of being for years and years and help them shift into a new way of being.  The way they desire or dream of being.

When you decide to live life differently from how you have been living, you are choosing to go through a training process in order to get to the new way.

You are in training just like an athlete. You are choosing to redirect your resources into a new way of being a little at a time over time.  The harder you “train,” the quicker the transformation happens and the sooner you are able to start living an extraordinary life.

And, yes, it can “feel” hard for sure.

For most people, a great resistance takes place and the mind fights to hold on to the old way of being because it fears the unknown ahead.

The “hard” is similar to the soreness you have after you finish a really good physical workout like Orange Theory or hot yoga or pushing hard at the gym.  It’s the good kind of burn that tells you that you are on the path to getting fit and healthy.

And the work is so worth it.

You become clear in your vision of what you want your life to look like physically, mentally, spiritually and financially.  You are focused and determined.  And, you lean into it with all you’ve got.  And, then one day you realize, it has happened.  And sooner, than you believed it could.

For Rosey, very soon the leash will mean adventure, she will feel excitement, she will know it means time out in the world alongside her favorite people.

For you, it means you will feel more comfortable in your body, you’re not carrying around extra weight, you are excited to wake up in the morning, you have clear direction about your day, confident out in the world, you feel loved.  You trust in your decisions, in tune with your inner knowing and taking aligned action.  At times you feel apprehensive but overall excited because you know that good things are ahead.

Stop ignoring the part of you that needs the attention the most.  I can help you make the changes you must make in order to have the life you want.  Get started with the training, the sooner you do, the sooner you get there.

If you want a coach that understands the process of transformation, who has done it for herself and many other people, I am that person.

Send me a direct message or leave a comment and I’ll reach out to you.


To get started working with me, I offer a free 90 minute consultation call.

By the end of the call, you will have a detailed, clear vision of what you want your life to look like. You will know exactly the true barriers standing in your way.  And, the next steps to accomplish your goals.

And, I promise to make it fun!

Airbnb Dreams into a Reality

🥳 Big WIN 🥳 We have 23 nights out of 31 BOOKED for October!
Troy has taken on the lead to get our home prepped and ready to go on Airbnb. We returned from our honeymoon tour of the country in the middle of July and we posted our site in mid August with our first guests at the end of the month.
It has been quite a learning curve and fun adventure thus far. It was two of many things Troy really wanted to do – work to upgrade our house and host guests to enjoy our home. So we found a way for him to do that and get paid! And now, he’s doing it, doing it well and enjoying it.
I’m so proud of Troy Leslie for all his hard work and commitment to get it ready to host and we are excited to set more big goals for the coming year.
Set a big, clear, specific goal. Establish your motivation for the goal and desired result. Find people who have gone before you and educate yourself accordingly. Craft a roadmap to get to the goal, with clear specific steps. Then take consistent action according to your plan.
Little by little any goal you choose to set can be accomplished.
Starts with the belief it can happen and a decision to declare a goal to achieve.
IF you need help with this process, as most people do, I can help you, creating a vision and crafting a map to get you there is my jam and I make it a fun process. Message me to start a conversation about what big goal you want to accomplish.
~ Get Liberated!

One Year Anniversary

 Time flies, join me in celebrating Troy and I as we are enjoying ONE full year married today!
 We actually got married 3 times, today was our first, so it’s our traditional anniversary. We were married on the courthouse lawn with 3 close friends on a beautiful fall day.
 A few days later, my dad married us in my sister’s backyard with my closest family and a few close friends. And the 3rd in North Carolina at a friends barn surrounded by Troy’s closest friends from the area.
 For years I had said, “I’ll never get married again!”
 Too much hurt, too much pain and confusion from the first marriage ending.
 Yet my heart was determined to LOVE.  And LOVE was on a quest that was more powerful than me or my fears.
 LOVE is on a mission to liberate us from even more of the stuff that holds us back.
 To heal even more layers of past hurts and confusion, to bring you deeper layers of inner freedom and acceptance.
 To release you to ENJOY again. 
When this transformation happens, you see life in a new way. 
 You are overwhelmed by the goodness of life even when the rest of the world feels chaotic.
 You have greater capacity for love, for deeper rest and peace inside of yourself.  You have clarity on your value and your worth.
 You live the life you are meant to live in alignment with your true values.  Deeply fulfilled and certain of who you are and your purpose here on the planet.
  Now I get to help other dedicated professionals find their own transformation and walk confidently in their purpose & enjoy it! 
 For those of you that need greater levels of inner freedom and desire to walk more confidently and certain through life, I can help you.
 The first step is a conversation to experience this type of deep coaching work to see if it’s a fit for you.  If this feels like what you need right now, send me a message to schedule a conversation.
~Liberated Heart