Safe and Secure within Myself

“Safe and Secure within Myself”

Safety and security are perhaps the top two needs that every human craves and desires to feel and drives much of our behavior.

Ankit and I worked together over 3 years ago. And then we reconnected again this year to work together for another season. Ankit is a highly driven and ambitious person with lots of amazing talents and goals for his life. However, 2020 was a tough year for him as it was for many people.

During the initial consultation call last year to assess what he wanted and what was standing in his way, he admitted that he had felt the pull to reach out to me for several months and just kept putting it off. He said, “I knew that you would be able to help me get back on track.”

He shared with me that he was struggling to get his high drive and optimism back. A very dear relationship in his life had ended. He wasn’t caring for himself as well as he wanted to, his state of well-being was lower than desired and he felt stagnant. Overall, he wanted to feel excited about life again, find true love, and feel more financially secure.

As we began our work together, this one main goal emerged, “I want to feel really good about who I am.” In my words, he desired to trust himself at a level he had not experienced before, and to be comfortable in his own skin, knowing that from this state of being he would be able to accomplish his bigger goals – finding true love, feeling confident in his ability to create financial freedom and accomplish his life goals.

By the end of our work together, Ankit had this to say on our last call of the 6 months:

“My biggest transformation has been feeling secure and at peace. The biggest shift has been seeing the whole journey from last year as a lesson rather than complaining or whining about it.”

Now, instead of feeling like he is missing out, he sees “finding love” as an opportunity to welcome another person into his already amazing life. And, he is focused on his path to creating financial freedom and has recommitted to his passion for day trading. In his current job, he no longer feels burdened by his responsibilities to overperform and instead goes through the day from a place of trust and ease knowing he is doing top-level work.

Pictured below: Ankit is an avid photographer and captures amazing sites regularly. Instead of sharing a picture of him, we chose to share one of the pictures he has taken in the past few months that represents his newfound freedom and transformation.

Ankit also reflected this to me: “Working with you now is way better than 3 years ago. You are really different. You are more grounded and more spiritually connected which makes you a better coach.”

I shared with him that the difference he sees is because I up-leveled my investing in the coaching & mentoring I am getting for my life and it makes a huge difference.

~ You too were created for an extraordinary life. 💖💫 🔥

For you reading this, Now is the time to radically up-level how you feel about yourself and how you think about your life. When you feel good about YOU, you create a life that you truly enjoy.

It’s time to commit to yourself and the desires of your heart.

You matter. You are valuable and you are worth it! 💥

Now is the best time to get what you want. Let’s chat. We’ll spend about an hour together getting clear on what you desire in your life and how I can help you get what you want. No charge for the consultation. Schedule a call here.

Let’s GO! 🚀

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Liberated Living at its best!

Result of Coaching with Sarah

Liberated Living at its best!

This is Kevra, a school teacher in Florida for over 30 years. She came to me in a really poor mental space. We now refer back to that time as “being in a hole with no way out.” She believed I would be able to help her get out of her hole.

By the end of 6 months of working together weekly, not only was she out of the hole but she was taking radical action in her life. Created a plan to retire from the school system early, and she was committed to her body through regular SPENGA classes and nutritious eating. And, she decided to open her own specialized school, a dream delayed, for students that she watched falling through the cracks for years.

She desired support in opening her school and knew she had several more big transformations to make in order to make this new life of hers sustainable. Her life was totally centered around work before and she absolutely didn’t want that to happen again.

Together, we trained her mind to claim her own 24 hours for herself rather than giving it away unintentionally, she trained to choose the things she desired vs the “should’s” and she learned to use her voice to speak clearly, directly and confidently. She is now a conscious creator of life, no longer letting what she truly wanted to pass her by.

By the end of one year of working together, Kevra now owns her own school which is half filled already, she is earning an income equal to her previous paycheck, she works half the amount of time as before, sets her own schedule, loves all her students, deeply purposeful and overjoyed to be living as this new version of herself.

In her own words:

“I have been working with Sarah for over a year now. I have created a whole new identity and am living my best life due to her coaching. I retired early from the public school system in June. I opened Kevra’s Korner a month ago and have already recreated my annual teacher’s salary. Now I am teaching my students my way with complete joy and love.

If there is something in your life you desire, contact Sarah. I promise she will help you achieve that desire.”

– Kevra, Liberated Client

(The picture above is her just finishing a 100-mile ride in SPENGA, a goal she was able to tackle as a result of training her mind to work in her favor rather than against her!)


Liberated Living 💖💫🔥


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Now is the best time to get what you want. Let’s chat. We’ll spend about an hour together getting clear on what you desire in your life and how I can help you get what you want. No charge for the consultation. Schedule a call here.

Choose wisely who you share your fears with.

Choose wisely who you share your fears with. 

Not everyone makes for a good advisor. 

In fact, most people are limited to sharing based on their personal experiences and will likely share in a way that meets your approval rather than objectively helping you to question or challenge the fear.

Instead, listen to your inner wisdom. 

Sometimes it will feel hard to trust your inner wisdom because you’ve had bad experiences in the past. And, you’re used to waiting on the approval of others before taking action or perhaps a sign from the universe or God to confirm which way you should go.

I get it. I’ve been there too. It takes time and practice to trust yourself.

Instead of turning to friends or family to help you solve your big challenges, look for someone with experience. Someone that is out ahead of where you desire to be, someone that will ask you questions to help you think more clearly about your fears and help you make the decisions you want to make. 

Look for someone that can guide you but not tell you what to do. Someone that will help you cultivate the confidence you need to take your next leap. 

Be encouraged, there are so many folks out there that can help, it will feel a little overwhelming to find the best person for you. 

Let your heart guide you. They will come across your path. Expect it to happen. Be on the lookout for it. 

Remember, there is a force greater than yourself that wants you to live an extraordinary life. So if you are open, the Divine inside you will guide you to the support you need right now. 

💖 💫 🔥

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You are valuable AND your life is valuable.

Once you know you are valuable in your mind, the next step is to embody it so that you experience “I am valuable,” in your inner knowing.

As you do this, your actions change.

Because your focus shifts.

No longer are you striving to prove yourself and seeking external approval as the path to feeling good about who you are and what you are accomplishing. 

Instead, you spend time clarifying who and what you desire in your life, and then you go about creating it. 

You remove what no longer belongs and you redefine life in a way that is honoring to who you are.  

You create a relationship with yourself that feels divine because you deeply “know” that you are divine and inherently valuable.  

And you enjoy being yourself and getting to know yourself deeply, all the parts of you including the ones you used to view as “unattractive” because they are part of your value.  

From this place of knowing, you take beautiful, intentional action toward creating your life.  

Now, you live into the truth of who you are and what you desire your life to be like.  And, the journey continues from here…

💖🔥 💖

For many people, including myself, these are very big shifts to make, because you have been living the “approval” way for a very long time, so it’s deeply ingrained in many crevices of your life. 

It’s taken me time to learn them and then implement them. And the journey continues.  

If you would like some help with doing this in your own life, send me a direct message, and let’s start a conversation.  

You are valuable AND your life is valuable.  

Learn how to live into your value. 

If you need help with this, allow receiving help to be fun and exciting!  

Working together is more fun than working alone 💥

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Are you ready to go higher?

“Are you ready to go higher?”

Going higher is transformation.

It is the result of you doing your own internal work. Cultivating your inner world into one that feels safe and secure. It is an evolution with distinct mile markers.

And, inside of these markers, there is a knowing that your immediate world around you will shift, the landscape, as one of my clients calls it, is about to change.
The people, places, and things you have grown comfortable with will not stay the same. You will part from some, some remain consistent and new ones will be welcomed in.

Before these big leaps, there is a deep reflective pause… the shift is Here.
You are reminded of how the road is in fact narrow because many do not choose to go higher.

But, you have also tasted the “plenty.” You also know there is no turning back because it tastes better than anything you’ve ever tasted.

And, while the road has had many boulders and fallen trees along the path that have needed to be removed, the path has become your new comfort, your new zone.

It has become enchanting, beautiful, and sacred. It has become home.
There is a warm light always ahead of you that guides the way, a “knowing” if you will.
It is a new path of “how” to do life.
An easier path with which to receive Life as it unfolds.

You now know that your knowing, your beliefs, and your soul are always seeking alignment and deeper levels of connection with thy self.
Seeking to Create the best life, the best you.
To give you clarity, decisiveness, and trust in yourself, to guide you as you go on your path.

It is from this posture that you are able to accomplish whatever your heart desires.
A deep profound love for others. Execute meaningful purpose in your business and create riches for complete self-sufficiency. And, grow younger in your health and your body until your life on earth ends.

You can now face any adversity that comes your way. And, fear of the unknown and the future becomes secondary if not falls away and is replaced with interest and curiosity.
You handle whatever happens in your life from this posture because you have created profound safety & security in your inner world.

Are you ready to go higher?
This is what I help people do.

It’s a combination of mentoring, coaching, healing, and advising … all with the goal of you becoming the next best version of yourself and creating the exact life you want… financially, with relationships, and health.


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A powerful shift for you to try

A powerful shift for you to try 

The goal isn’t to “not give a f*$k about what anyone else thinks.”

The goal is for you to prioritize what YOU want for yourself and your life OVER what others think or want for you or your life AND be willing to create it regardless of what other people may think or say.

This may seem like a small tweak but it’s actually HUGE and very powerful. 💪

Instead of working on “trying not to care about what others think about you…”

Shift your mind to thinking about answering these questions:
“What do I want for my life?
What would that look like? And what can I do today to work towards that happening?”

Obsessively refocus yourself on these questions/answers.
By doing so, you shift the focus away from others and back on yourself in a VERY powerful way. (It has taken me years to truly truly figure this out.)

You shift from “needing others’ approval” to “empowering yourself.” (really think about how this is true when you focus on others)

As you know, you only have control over yourself, so focus your energy on what you actually can control and make that AMAZING.

And do it with 💯 determination! 🔥

That will get you to Liberated Living.


And, if you are at the point where you realize you can’t do this alone, and you want to have someone walk alongside you to truly learn how to do this in your life, you know where to find me!


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Intimacy is a learned skill

Intimacy is a learned skill.

If you aren’t having the amazing love relationship that you desire, most likely here’s why:
If you didn’t learn how to do intimacy as a child or experience it with your parents, you will struggle to cultivate with people now.

The same goes for your spouse.

MOST people that I have met over the years had enough challenging events as a child that they did not learn how to do intimacy. And in many cases, their experiences were really difficult and harm was done that impairs their ability to do intimacy.

You don’t have a communication problem. Or a sexual problem. It’s not because you’re not attractive. Or anything else like this, I promise.

There is NOTHING wrong with you.
And, there is a solution. ❤️

You have a trust problem. And trust starts inside of you.

The skill of intimacy comes from a deep trust within yourself. Loving who you are and being secure in who you are no matter what happens.
Without this foundation, you will struggle to have that deep connection that you desire to have with your romantic partner.

There is nothing wrong with either of you.
This is simply what you learned from your childhood experiences. And, that doesn’t change until you do the deep inner work to change it within yourself.

Intimacy is cultivated through trust in yourself. And then and only then can you do deep, connected intimacy with others.
Inner work leads to deep, connected trust within yourself which leads to intimacy.
The result: a wild hot passionate love affair ❤️

This result takes time of course for most people.
It can take years before you figure out what the issue is.
It can take years longer before you know the solution.
And longer yet before you become willing to do the inner work, and keep doing it until you get the result you desire.

This has been the case for me. I’m now at the last step noted above and I’m committed to creating the result noted above. And Troy and I are both hard at work working on our own inner worlds.
I share this personal part with you to help you. To share my courage, to share my strength, and to give you hope.

You can bypass the steps and choose to take my word for it based on my 25 years of research both personally and professionally and just get started on your own inner work. ❤️
Now you know. You know how to find me. 😊
Let’s Go! 🧚‍♀️

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Ring for Year Two

Ring for Year Two

Bought this year’s “wedding ring” and didn’t even realize it.  

My mind is always working to get me what I want even when I forget. 

Troy and I have been celebrating our 2 year anniversary all month.  We did a bunch of our favorite things to honor each other and the things we enjoy. 

It’s only been two years, feels like a lifetime (in a good way) since we’ve known each other for years. 

We are focused on doing what works for both of us and not allowing the traditional ideas of marriage and the traditional roles of a husband and wife to get in our way of creating a relationship that works for us.  

It’s not easy working through the old ideas around marriage and the way things have always been or how we thought they should be.  

We’ve both had to let go of the way we want the other person to be or the way we think they “should” be.  We’re redefining marriage for ourselves so that we can show up powerfully as ourselves rather than trying to fit into a mold that didn’t work for us the first time around.  

One of the many things I am doing differently this time is buying a simple fun ring each year on our anniversary as a way to celebrate and keep this fresh.  

An intentional experience each year to set the tone of the year ahead.

Last year, I wanted more beauty in my life and I was drawn to a lovely ring with a delicate white rose bud on top.  

This year, I want more adventure and richer, larger living. 

For the next few months we are living about 5 minutes from downtown Asheville, part of the more adventure. 

This weekend we enjoyed a night out downtown, walked around and took in the sights and the feels of the city.  Enjoyed the best sushi dinner and wonderful conversation. Saw a thought provoking movie, made a few fun purchases, played some cards, and cooked a meal together.  Took Ellie and Rosie to the dog park, went to a new coffee shop and overall just enjoyed being together and present in the experiences.

Saturday afternoon we went downtown exploring with the dogs as they are working on social training.  

I had not been thinking about purchasing this coming year’s ring and yet I was drawn to a table out front of a very quaint gift shop.  

Troy got into conversation with the creator of the jewelry being sold and I was taken with a stone he had made several pieces from – Larimar which is mined only in the Dominican Republic. 

I tried on several on my ring finger, again, without being fully conscious of why I was doing it and Troy said to me, “I want to buy you a ring if you like it.”  

Admittedly, I really did.  It wasn’t “my usual” type of jewelry.  For those of you that know me well, you know I don’t typically wear much. But, this latest version of me is much more interested in being colorful, seen and dressing for the occasion of life.  

So, I bought the ring.

This morning as I was spending time in quiet reflection on the weekend, the gratitude I felt and the wins I felt from the weekend, the ways in which I allowed myself to enjoy it and to receive exactly what I wanted.  

My mind brought to my awareness that I had bought my ring for the new year of marriage without even realizing it.  

I texted Troy to share with him as he had also forgotten about buying this year’s ring.  He texted back, “I felt like I was meant to buy you a ring.”  

The mind remembers even if we don’t.  

Be thoughtful and intentional as you declare and decide what you want in life. 

Your mind is always working to bring you exactly what you really want whether or not you remember and whether or not you are consciously intending it. 

~Liberated Living

Trapped in Groundhog’s Day?

Saw my first Groundhog out and about this week.  

He was on the move and looking all around, quite a cutie from a distance!

The movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray is particularly clever and uncomfortably humorous.   As humans, we are prone to easily get stuck in living the same day over and over again.  Doing the same thing over and over again, unconsciously creating a complacent and monotonous existence.  

I was recently helping a client who was feeling this groundhog effect, specifically with his struggle to end a behavior that he has been doing for many many years.  He wakes up each morning going through the day doing the same thing even though he also has a gnawing heaviness pushing him to live differently.  He is stuck in the routine of what his life has become and he is fearful of the unknowns on the road ahead. 

Intellectually, he has had enough transformative experiences in our work together that he knows life will be better once he makes this change.  And yet, he’s really struggling to commit to making the change because as with any long standing relationship he has feelings, emotions, memories and needs tied up in the behavior. 

As it is with most people when they are struggling to “change” in some way, they are fearful of what life will be like afterwards and whether or not they will be equipped to handle life without the thing they have been relying on to help them.  Most people are not consciously aware of this fear as it is hidden deep within us.  

If you feel a heaviness or sense of suppression in your life, it is the main sign that there is a behavior, person or circumstance in your life that needs to be redefined in order for you to allow the highest version of yourself the space to grow.

I like to think about my attachments to certain things in the context of a relationship, it makes the dynamics easier to navigate for me.  When you see yourself in partnership with a behavior you are doing, let’s use drinking alcohol or over drinking as the behavior you are trying to change, (Swap out your own personal struggle – a person, food, sex, spending money, overworking, staying in a soul sucking job, dissatisfaction just to name a few.)  Over time, you create a relationship with said behavior/person and the effects that it has on you.  Whether it is to be more social, relax, sleep, speak more honestly or to escape your current reality.  It is a relationship that benefits you and fulfills a need that you have.  Otherwise you wouldn’t be in the “relationship.”

And so when you run into unwanted consequences with this behavior and you want to stop doing it, it is not as easy as you would want because you have developed a “partnership” with it.  

So, just as with any relationship when you recognize it is impacting you in some unhealthy ways, you need to redefine the terms or break up altogether.  The following is my formula for doing so.

First, honor the ways in which the relationship has helped you, has supported you, has helped you through hard times when you couldn’t do it yourself or has helped you be more of yourself when you felt too insecure and self conscious to do it alone.  Then talk it through to explain why the relationship can’t continue the way it has been because it is preventing you from growing into a higher version of yourself.  Allow yourself to experience the feelings that would come if you were separating or changing up any relationship.  Most people experience sadness when they separate even if the change is good so allow yourself the freedom to recognize these feelings.  And the feelings of fear of the future and whether or not you will be able to handle the difficulties of life without the “relationship.”  Then, communicate clear expectations and boundaries for how you will engage with this “relationship” moving forward.  

And then, take the leap.  

This is my formula for transformation which will help you transition and change any relationship you are in that is currently not working and needs to be redefined.  It is the formula for liberation.  It is the path to letting go and releasing.  

Remember, the highest version of yourself is waiting for you on the other side of this transition.  Make the decision to leap and practice faith that you will reap the rewards of following the wisdom of your inner voice that is guiding you to make this change.  

If you’re struggling to make a change, it just means you need some help.  There’s no need for shaming or judging yourself, you just need some help redefining it.  There’s a block that you have inside of yourself and you can’t undo the block alone.  We are created to be in partnership with others as the mechanism for reaching our highest potential.  

Find someone who can support you and help you see the block and remove it.  Your higher version of you is waiting on your liberation!

If you believe I can help you, send me an email at [email protected] or go to my website to schedule a consultation call with me and let’s get you liberated!

“Training is “hard” work…”

Most people don’t get to experience an extraordinary life because they believe it will be too hard or too much work to change.

They give up before they lose the weight, before they get the job they want, the love they crave or their bigger dreams met.  And, they settle for the way things are.

Why?  Because they believe it is too hard.

See our little Rosie above.

On most mornings, she is bouncing around like Tigger, excited about the day.  However, this morning Troy started training her using a halter leash.  For those of you unfamiliar, this type of leash controls the dog’s head via a leash around their snout, it keeps them from sniffing the ground and it requires them to stay focused on you.  It is counter to their natural state and a completely new experience than what she has had in the 5 months of her life.

In effect, when we train our dogs to be house pets, we are insisting they become different from their natural state of being.  This is just like the transforming work I help people with through coaching.  Helping people shift what has been their natural/normal state of being for years and years and help them shift into a new way of being.  The way they desire or dream of being.

When you decide to live life differently from how you have been living, you are choosing to go through a training process in order to get to the new way.

You are in training just like an athlete. You are choosing to redirect your resources into a new way of being a little at a time over time.  The harder you “train,” the quicker the transformation happens and the sooner you are able to start living an extraordinary life.

And, yes, it can “feel” hard for sure.

For most people, a great resistance takes place and the mind fights to hold on to the old way of being because it fears the unknown ahead.

The “hard” is similar to the soreness you have after you finish a really good physical workout like Orange Theory or hot yoga or pushing hard at the gym.  It’s the good kind of burn that tells you that you are on the path to getting fit and healthy.

And the work is so worth it.

You become clear in your vision of what you want your life to look like physically, mentally, spiritually and financially.  You are focused and determined.  And, you lean into it with all you’ve got.  And, then one day you realize, it has happened.  And sooner, than you believed it could.

For Rosey, very soon the leash will mean adventure, she will feel excitement, she will know it means time out in the world alongside her favorite people.

For you, it means you will feel more comfortable in your body, you’re not carrying around extra weight, you are excited to wake up in the morning, you have clear direction about your day, confident out in the world, you feel loved.  You trust in your decisions, in tune with your inner knowing and taking aligned action.  At times you feel apprehensive but overall excited because you know that good things are ahead.

Stop ignoring the part of you that needs the attention the most.  I can help you make the changes you must make in order to have the life you want.  Get started with the training, the sooner you do, the sooner you get there.

If you want a coach that understands the process of transformation, who has done it for herself and many other people, I am that person.

Send me a direct message or leave a comment and I’ll reach out to you.


To get started working with me, I offer a free 90 minute consultation call.

By the end of the call, you will have a detailed, clear vision of what you want your life to look like. You will know exactly the true barriers standing in your way.  And, the next steps to accomplish your goals.

And, I promise to make it fun!