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This is Kevra, a school teacher in Florida for over 30 years. She came to me in a really poor mental space. We now refer back to that time as “being in a hole with no way out.” She believed I would be able to help her get out of her hole.

By the end of 6 months of working together weekly, not only was she out of the hole but she was taking radical action in her life. Created a plan to retire from the school system early, and she was committed to her body through regular SPENGA classes and nutritious eating. And, she decided to open her own specialized school, a dream delayed, for students that she watched falling through the cracks for years.

She desired support in opening her school and knew she had several more big transformations to make in order to make this new life of hers sustainable. Her life was totally centered around work before and she absolutely didn’t want that to happen again.

Together, we trained her mind to claim her own 24 hours for herself rather than giving it away unintentionally, she trained to choose the things she desired vs the “should’s” and she learned to use her voice to speak clearly, directly and confidently. She is now a conscious creator of life, no longer letting what she truly wanted to pass her by.

By the end of one year of working together, Kevra now owns her own school which is half filled already, she is earning an income equal to her previous paycheck, she works half the amount of time as before, sets her own schedule, loves all her students, deeply purposeful and overjoyed to be living as this new version of herself.

In her own words:

“I have been working with Sarah for over a year now. I have created a whole new identity and am living my best life due to her coaching. I retired early from the public school system in June. I opened Kevra’s Korner a month ago and have already recreated my annual teacher’s salary. Now I am teaching my students my way with complete joy and love.

If there is something in your life you desire, contact Sarah. I promise she will help you achieve that desire.”

– Kevra, Liberated Client

(The picture above is her just finishing a 100-mile ride in SPENGA, a goal she was able to tackle as a result of training her mind to work in her favor rather than against her!)


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