“Safe and Secure within Myself”

Safety and security are perhaps the top two needs that every human craves and desires to feel and drives much of our behavior.

Ankit and I worked together over 3 years ago. And then we reconnected again this year to work together for another season. Ankit is a highly driven and ambitious person with lots of amazing talents and goals for his life. However, 2020 was a tough year for him as it was for many people.

During the initial consultation call last year to assess what he wanted and what was standing in his way, he admitted that he had felt the pull to reach out to me for several months and just kept putting it off. He said, “I knew that you would be able to help me get back on track.”

He shared with me that he was struggling to get his high drive and optimism back. A very dear relationship in his life had ended. He wasn’t caring for himself as well as he wanted to, his state of well-being was lower than desired and he felt stagnant. Overall, he wanted to feel excited about life again, find true love, and feel more financially secure.

As we began our work together, this one main goal emerged, “I want to feel really good about who I am.” In my words, he desired to trust himself at a level he had not experienced before, and to be comfortable in his own skin, knowing that from this state of being he would be able to accomplish his bigger goals – finding true love, feeling confident in his ability to create financial freedom and accomplish his life goals.

By the end of our work together, Ankit had this to say on our last call of the 6 months:

“My biggest transformation has been feeling secure and at peace. The biggest shift has been seeing the whole journey from last year as a lesson rather than complaining or whining about it.”

Now, instead of feeling like he is missing out, he sees “finding love” as an opportunity to welcome another person into his already amazing life. And, he is focused on his path to creating financial freedom and has recommitted to his passion for day trading. In his current job, he no longer feels burdened by his responsibilities to overperform and instead goes through the day from a place of trust and ease knowing he is doing top-level work.

Pictured below: Ankit is an avid photographer and captures amazing sites regularly. Instead of sharing a picture of him, we chose to share one of the pictures he has taken in the past few months that represents his newfound freedom and transformation.

Ankit also reflected this to me: “Working with you now is way better than 3 years ago. You are really different. You are more grounded and more spiritually connected which makes you a better coach.”

I shared with him that the difference he sees is because I up-leveled my investing in the coaching & mentoring I am getting for my life and it makes a huge difference.

~ You too were created for an extraordinary life. 💖💫 🔥

For you reading this, Now is the time to radically up-level how you feel about yourself and how you think about your life. When you feel good about YOU, you create a life that you truly enjoy.

It’s time to commit to yourself and the desires of your heart.

You matter. You are valuable and you are worth it! 💥

Now is the best time to get what you want. Let’s chat. We’ll spend about an hour together getting clear on what you desire in your life and how I can help you get what you want. No charge for the consultation. Schedule a call here.

Let’s GO! 🚀

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