I used to be Tired.  ALL. THE. TIME.

But, not anymore.  

In fact, I’m rarely tired now.  And when I’m tired, I know why I’m tired.  

It’s no longer a mystery. 

Now, I help people get rid of tiredness by taking charge of their lives and living life on their own terms rather than being overwhelmed and stuck. I help people make this radical shift in less than 6 months. Are you ready?

I went to doctor after doctor for years to figure out my “tiredness” which progressed into “exhaustion” in my 30s.  

In my memory, “tired” started in late high school. I would come home from the school day and go straight to bed for like two hours.

Thinking back on it now, it felt normal enough. I mean we were waking up super early to start school at 730am and then there’s all the research that validates I needed more sleep and waking up that early isn’t good for teenagers. And, I’m pretty sure at least some of my friends were doing the same routine. 

But, this pattern showed up sporadically throughout my whole life as I reflect back on it now.  

It wasn’t just an isolated period as the research would have led me to believe. And, it wasn’t “just a phase” that I would grow out of and I definitely wasn’t “just tired” or “in need of more sleep.”  

No, now I can see it was much deeper. Issues permeating the core of who I was and how I saw myself started showing up in various medical symptoms like “tired.”  

I remember other physical symptoms even earlier than that like leg pain in my later elementary years and low-level anxiety that started then as well which could be explained away in multiple ways from “being an adolescent” to “she’s moved around a lot.”  But, really everyone’s got stuff like that we could “blame” it on.  

I don’t buy any of it anymore. In fact, I’m convinced that it’s not any of those things. I’m not saying those aren’t real, I’m just saying those aren’t actually THE problem or the core of what’s wrong. Nor will solving any of those things actually solve the problem.

So, what’s happening?  And, how does it relate to your tiredness right now at this stage in life?

When a person isn’t fully living, I call it being asleep.  

This fits right in to understand, “tired.” Often in the teenage years you start to come into your own and some of us venture out into life, trying to be ourselves and it’s messy. It’s loud, it’s opinionated, it’s colorful and well, oftentimes the world can’t handle it and they try to shut you down. They tell you to be quiet, to stop being too much and to tone it down.  

This is when “tired” starts to roll in.  

It has absolutely nothing to do with how much sleep you did or didn’t get. It has everything to do with the level of acceptance you feel from the people in your world and that you feel towards yourself. 

And, in addition to feeling tired, you also start to develop storylines like, “I’m too much,” “people don’t understand me,” “I can’t be myself around everyone.” These storylines dictate how you show up. You develop “rules” or guidelines for how to show up in the various places of your life, at home, at school, at work and how much you can or can not be yourself.  

Now, you regulate yourself everywhere you go because ultimately we all want to be accepted and understood by some people.

You change or alter who you are or how you would naturally be so that you “fit in.” In a lot of cases, this is done unconsciously and so you don’t even notice how much you are regulating yourself. 

I know for myself, I actually used to think of it as a superpower to be able to accommodate the various “rooms” I spent time in. I called it being a chameleon and prided myself on being able to fit in wherever I went.  

Now looking back I can see another side to it, a deeper truth. In my quest to fit in, I was actually wearing a mask. 

Over the years, I became better and better at this superpower.  

However, at the same time I grew more and more anxious, restless and discontent with life and also more and more tired. 

I had no idea that these two were connected to each other, my ability to fit in anywhere and my “anxiety/tired/restlessness.” Plus, it seemed like most people were anxious in my world – worried about their jobs, their relationships, money so I fit in perfectly to also be worrying about all of those things too.

But, I hated the feeling of restlessness and more and more I didn’t like the feeling of wearing a mask. It got to the point where I didn’t feel like I could take the mask off even when I was alone or with my closest friends. I couldn’t shake the feelings of anxiety, restlessness or tired and instead those just became my “normal” states of being.  

Tired was the worst of them because I loved my energy. I loved being able to accomplish tons of stuff and being able to go go go.  

I turned to the doctors and medical professionals for an answer. Why was I so tired all the time? It didn’t really make sense to me. I used to have so much more energy. And, my life wasn’t more stressful than the next professional juggling all the things. 

Eventually after living out this storyline for a few years, I landed on ‘I must have fibromyalgia’. It was an answer for me. I could rest finally knowing there was an answer so I could shift to treating it.  

The main treatment for fibromyalgia is decreasing stress and taking really good care of yourself. So I started focusing on all the things – yoga, walking, meditation, and lessening my stress.  

I radically changed my life. Changed my job, my living environment and committed to doing my own internal work with the help of some amazing experts that really understood what was going on with me emotionally. Over a period of a few years, I committed to a new lifestyle, one I now refer to as Liberated Living.  

I shifted my identity to a person that was no longer sick. No longer unhappy and no longer tired all the time.  

Instead I focused on being well, healthy and strong.  

I learned how to stop wearing the mask. I started getting clear and honest about who I truly was and how I wanted to do life on my own terms. 

The more I focused on being my true self, the less tired I felt. The more I practiced letting my yes be yes and my no be no, I felt more at ease with myself. The more I learn to be honest about my feelings and what is going on in my internal world, the healthier I get and the more secure I feel.  

I’m committed to healthy routines and habits, like meditation, thought work, exercise, eating healthy, because my very well being depends on them happening consistently.

My feeling good and well rested depends on my mind being at ease, secure and confident in who I am vs “fitting in”.  

I am no longer tired.  

Even on nights when I don’t get as many hours of sleep as I would like, I still don’t feel tired. And, when I do feel tired, it’s because I’ve exerted myself to a level that wears me out and it makes complete sense that I would feel tired. 

Most days, I feel at rest. I feel satisfied because I like who I am now. This leads the way for me to operate at my best.  

This has taken a few years to establish. But, now I understand the impact of my thoughts and my feelings on my health. And it’s made all the difference. 

I spend time getting clear on what I need, what I want and what I desire for the future. And, I work with a coach of my own to be sure I am on track for creating what I want in my life and helping me to remove the obstacles that I can’t remove on my own. 

If you feel tired all the time, there is a solution. In most cases, tired, is a symptom of a much bigger issue. Even if you have been told that tired “makes sense” because of a health concern, I welcome a conversation to explore if in fact it is a part of a bigger set of symptoms that, if relieved could set you on a whole other trajectory of living your best life in a relatively short period of time. 

You are designed for health. Designed to be at rest. Designed to feel safe and secure within who you are. And, I will teach you how to do it.  

Liberated Living 💖💫🔥

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