Choose wisely who you share your fears with. 

Not everyone makes for a good advisor. 

In fact, most people are limited to sharing based on their personal experiences and will likely share in a way that meets your approval rather than objectively helping you to question or challenge the fear.

Instead, listen to your inner wisdom. 

Sometimes it will feel hard to trust your inner wisdom because you’ve had bad experiences in the past. And, you’re used to waiting on the approval of others before taking action or perhaps a sign from the universe or God to confirm which way you should go.

I get it. I’ve been there too. It takes time and practice to trust yourself.

Instead of turning to friends or family to help you solve your big challenges, look for someone with experience. Someone that is out ahead of where you desire to be, someone that will ask you questions to help you think more clearly about your fears and help you make the decisions you want to make. 

Look for someone that can guide you but not tell you what to do. Someone that will help you cultivate the confidence you need to take your next leap. 

Be encouraged, there are so many folks out there that can help, it will feel a little overwhelming to find the best person for you. 

Let your heart guide you. They will come across your path. Expect it to happen. Be on the lookout for it. 

Remember, there is a force greater than yourself that wants you to live an extraordinary life. So if you are open, the Divine inside you will guide you to the support you need right now. 

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