Once you know you are valuable in your mind, the next step is to embody it so that you experience “I am valuable,” in your inner knowing.

As you do this, your actions change.

Because your focus shifts.

No longer are you striving to prove yourself and seeking external approval as the path to feeling good about who you are and what you are accomplishing. 

Instead, you spend time clarifying who and what you desire in your life, and then you go about creating it. 

You remove what no longer belongs and you redefine life in a way that is honoring to who you are.  

You create a relationship with yourself that feels divine because you deeply “know” that you are divine and inherently valuable.  

And you enjoy being yourself and getting to know yourself deeply, all the parts of you including the ones you used to view as “unattractive” because they are part of your value.  

From this place of knowing, you take beautiful, intentional action toward creating your life.  

Now, you live into the truth of who you are and what you desire your life to be like.  And, the journey continues from here…

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For many people, including myself, these are very big shifts to make, because you have been living the “approval” way for a very long time, so it’s deeply ingrained in many crevices of your life. 

It’s taken me time to learn them and then implement them. And the journey continues.  

If you would like some help with doing this in your own life, send me a direct message, and let’s start a conversation.  

You are valuable AND your life is valuable.  

Learn how to live into your value. 

If you need help with this, allow receiving help to be fun and exciting!  

Working together is more fun than working alone 💥

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