Intimacy is a learned skill

Intimacy is a learned skill.

If you aren’t having the amazing love relationship that you desire, most likely here’s why:
If you didn’t learn how to do intimacy as a child or experience it with your parents, you will struggle to cultivate with people now.

The same goes for your spouse.

MOST people that I have met over the years had enough challenging events as a child that they did not learn how to do intimacy. And in many cases, their experiences were really difficult and harm was done that impairs their ability to do intimacy.

You don’t have a communication problem. Or a sexual problem. It’s not because you’re not attractive. Or anything else like this, I promise.

There is NOTHING wrong with you.
And, there is a solution. ❤️

You have a trust problem. And trust starts inside of you.

The skill of intimacy comes from a deep trust within yourself. Loving who you are and being secure in who you are no matter what happens.
Without this foundation, you will struggle to have that deep connection that you desire to have with your romantic partner.

There is nothing wrong with either of you.
This is simply what you learned from your childhood experiences. And, that doesn’t change until you do the deep inner work to change it within yourself.

Intimacy is cultivated through trust in yourself. And then and only then can you do deep, connected intimacy with others.
Inner work leads to deep, connected trust within yourself which leads to intimacy.
The result: a wild hot passionate love affair ❤️

This result takes time of course for most people.
It can take years before you figure out what the issue is.
It can take years longer before you know the solution.
And longer yet before you become willing to do the inner work, and keep doing it until you get the result you desire.

This has been the case for me. I’m now at the last step noted above and I’m committed to creating the result noted above. And Troy and I are both hard at work working on our own inner worlds.
I share this personal part with you to help you. To share my courage, to share my strength, and to give you hope.

You can bypass the steps and choose to take my word for it based on my 25 years of research both personally and professionally and just get started on your own inner work. ❤️
Now you know. You know how to find me. 😊
Let’s Go! 🧚‍♀️

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