A powerful shift for you to try

A powerful shift for you to try 

The goal isn’t to “not give a f*$k about what anyone else thinks.”

The goal is for you to prioritize what YOU want for yourself and your life OVER what others think or want for you or your life AND be willing to create it regardless of what other people may think or say.

This may seem like a small tweak but it’s actually HUGE and very powerful. 💪

Instead of working on “trying not to care about what others think about you…”

Shift your mind to thinking about answering these questions:
“What do I want for my life?
What would that look like? And what can I do today to work towards that happening?”

Obsessively refocus yourself on these questions/answers.
By doing so, you shift the focus away from others and back on yourself in a VERY powerful way. (It has taken me years to truly truly figure this out.)

You shift from “needing others’ approval” to “empowering yourself.” (really think about how this is true when you focus on others)

As you know, you only have control over yourself, so focus your energy on what you actually can control and make that AMAZING.

And do it with 💯 determination! 🔥

That will get you to Liberated Living.


And, if you are at the point where you realize you can’t do this alone, and you want to have someone walk alongside you to truly learn how to do this in your life, you know where to find me!


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