Bought this year’s “wedding ring” and didn’t even realize it.  

My mind is always working to get me what I want even when I forget. 

Troy and I have been celebrating our 2 year anniversary all month.  We did a bunch of our favorite things to honor each other and the things we enjoy. 

It’s only been two years, feels like a lifetime (in a good way) since we’ve known each other for years. 

We are focused on doing what works for both of us and not allowing the traditional ideas of marriage and the traditional roles of a husband and wife to get in our way of creating a relationship that works for us.  

It’s not easy working through the old ideas around marriage and the way things have always been or how we thought they should be.  

We’ve both had to let go of the way we want the other person to be or the way we think they “should” be.  We’re redefining marriage for ourselves so that we can show up powerfully as ourselves rather than trying to fit into a mold that didn’t work for us the first time around.  

One of the many things I am doing differently this time is buying a simple fun ring each year on our anniversary as a way to celebrate and keep this fresh.  

An intentional experience each year to set the tone of the year ahead.

Last year, I wanted more beauty in my life and I was drawn to a lovely ring with a delicate white rose bud on top.  

This year, I want more adventure and richer, larger living. 

For the next few months we are living about 5 minutes from downtown Asheville, part of the more adventure. 

This weekend we enjoyed a night out downtown, walked around and took in the sights and the feels of the city.  Enjoyed the best sushi dinner and wonderful conversation. Saw a thought provoking movie, made a few fun purchases, played some cards, and cooked a meal together.  Took Ellie and Rosie to the dog park, went to a new coffee shop and overall just enjoyed being together and present in the experiences.

Saturday afternoon we went downtown exploring with the dogs as they are working on social training.  

I had not been thinking about purchasing this coming year’s ring and yet I was drawn to a table out front of a very quaint gift shop.  

Troy got into conversation with the creator of the jewelry being sold and I was taken with a stone he had made several pieces from – Larimar which is mined only in the Dominican Republic. 

I tried on several on my ring finger, again, without being fully conscious of why I was doing it and Troy said to me, “I want to buy you a ring if you like it.”  

Admittedly, I really did.  It wasn’t “my usual” type of jewelry.  For those of you that know me well, you know I don’t typically wear much. But, this latest version of me is much more interested in being colorful, seen and dressing for the occasion of life.  

So, I bought the ring.

This morning as I was spending time in quiet reflection on the weekend, the gratitude I felt and the wins I felt from the weekend, the ways in which I allowed myself to enjoy it and to receive exactly what I wanted.  

My mind brought to my awareness that I had bought my ring for the new year of marriage without even realizing it.  

I texted Troy to share with him as he had also forgotten about buying this year’s ring.  He texted back, “I felt like I was meant to buy you a ring.”  

The mind remembers even if we don’t.  

Be thoughtful and intentional as you declare and decide what you want in life. 

Your mind is always working to bring you exactly what you really want whether or not you remember and whether or not you are consciously intending it. 

~Liberated Living

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