“I AM ____________”

“I AM” is within you, always has been and always will be.

But, you have to really understand this before you can make use of it in the very best way.
How do you fill in that blank for yourself?

The way in which you fill in this blank gives you awareness about who you are and the ways in which you are limiting yourself from receiving all of the goodness of God and Life that is available to you right now.

Get clear on the ways in which you fill in the blank that limit you.
This is what is blocking you from having what you want right now.

Even if you consciously only experience the belief sometimes, it is still present in your internal identity.
And, the way in which you perceive yourself.

These limiting beliefs tend to pop up the most when you are “triggered,” they aren’t rational and most of the time they show up unconsciously, so they go undetected.

For context, these are typically the moments when you are freaking out, anxious, fearful, and worried…
These are the thoughts you think and beliefs you hold that hinder you from receiving what you want.
Here are some examples:
“I am too much.”
“I am a bother. ”
“I can’t have it all.” (I am one who doesn’t have it)
“I can’t find love or be loved the way I want to be.”
(I am unlovable to the extend that i want love.)
“I can’t figure out how to have more money.”
(I am lacking. I am not enough or I am one who doesn’t have enough.)
and so many more.

The solution is upgrading your IDENTITY.
Creating new beliefs
that lead to new thoughts
that lead to action
that lead to results exactly as you desire.
Creating the life that you desire.

For most people, this work can’t be done alone.
It’s a design issue.

The subconscious functions so amazingly that it “hides” certain things from you and it requires an outside “eye” to help the “harmful” thoughts to be revealed.
“You can’t see your own blindspots” as they say.

Also, I believe that we are created for relationships and being in connection for our greater good.
When you see it this way, the design makes perfect sense.

A coach is an amazing relationship to have in your life.
Someone whose full-time job is to support your personal growth and help you achieve your goals.
And live out your life’s purpose and way of helping the world to heal and grow.

Hiring a coach led to my greatest breakthroughs and greatest liberation.

Understand how you see yourself.
Identify how you see yourself using this simple format.
“I AM _______________”
And then, hire the best coach for you.

This is the path to liberation and exactly what you want.

Liberated Living 💖💫🔥

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