🥳 Big WIN 🥳 We have 23 nights out of 31 BOOKED for October!
Troy has taken on the lead to get our home prepped and ready to go on Airbnb. We returned from our honeymoon tour of the country in the middle of July and we posted our site in mid August with our first guests at the end of the month.
It has been quite a learning curve and fun adventure thus far. It was two of many things Troy really wanted to do – work to upgrade our house and host guests to enjoy our home. So we found a way for him to do that and get paid! And now, he’s doing it, doing it well and enjoying it.
I’m so proud of Troy Leslie for all his hard work and commitment to get it ready to host and we are excited to set more big goals for the coming year.
Set a big, clear, specific goal. Establish your motivation for the goal and desired result. Find people who have gone before you and educate yourself accordingly. Craft a roadmap to get to the goal, with clear specific steps. Then take consistent action according to your plan.
Little by little any goal you choose to set can be accomplished.
Starts with the belief it can happen and a decision to declare a goal to achieve.
IF you need help with this process, as most people do, I can help you, creating a vision and crafting a map to get you there is my jam and I make it a fun process. Message me to start a conversation about what big goal you want to accomplish.
~ Get Liberated!

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