Time flies, join me in celebrating Troy and I as we are enjoying ONE full year married today!
 We actually got married 3 times, today was our first, so it’s our traditional anniversary. We were married on the courthouse lawn with 3 close friends on a beautiful fall day.
 A few days later, my dad married us in my sister’s backyard with my closest family and a few close friends. And the 3rd in North Carolina at a friends barn surrounded by Troy’s closest friends from the area.
 For years I had said, “I’ll never get married again!”
 Too much hurt, too much pain and confusion from the first marriage ending.
 Yet my heart was determined to LOVE.  And LOVE was on a quest that was more powerful than me or my fears.
 LOVE is on a mission to liberate us from even more of the stuff that holds us back.
 To heal even more layers of past hurts and confusion, to bring you deeper layers of inner freedom and acceptance.
 To release you to ENJOY again. 
When this transformation happens, you see life in a new way. 
 You are overwhelmed by the goodness of life even when the rest of the world feels chaotic.
 You have greater capacity for love, for deeper rest and peace inside of yourself.  You have clarity on your value and your worth.
 You live the life you are meant to live in alignment with your true values.  Deeply fulfilled and certain of who you are and your purpose here on the planet.
  Now I get to help other dedicated professionals find their own transformation and walk confidently in their purpose & enjoy it! 
 For those of you that need greater levels of inner freedom and desire to walk more confidently and certain through life, I can help you.
 The first step is a conversation to experience this type of deep coaching work to see if it’s a fit for you.  If this feels like what you need right now, send me a message to schedule a conversation.
~Liberated Heart

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