It’s Never About The Money

  • Do you worry you don’t have enough money?
  • Wish you had more money?
  • Feel anxious or ill-equipped when it comes to deciding how to budget your money?
  • Does money stress you out?

You can shift your relationship with money.

Money can feel easy. You can have more of it if you want it. And, you can feel easeful and confident in the way you handle money if you are willing to do the internal work to reorient your identity to someone who is prosperous.

We all want to feel safe and secure. It’s part of our inherent nature as humans.
So, when you find yourselves in a situation that you don’t like or you don’t feel good about, the primary reason you “stay” is because if you leave, you threaten your own sense of being safe.
You may even feel unsafe in that situation, but the “unknown” is usually way more scary.
Money controls so much of what people do and don’t do. So often, I hear “I can’t do X” because I don’t have the money. This is deciding your life based on money. Or, “I want X but I can’t afford it.”
Again, you know you are meant for something or you need something to help you grow and be a better human and instead of trusting you can acquire the money, in your humanness you default to fear and scarcity – “I can’t afford it. “
But, money is just paper so it can’t actually be about the money.
This is so important to understand in order to work past your scarcity and belief that there isn’t enough.
It always comes back to you trusting that you can “find” the money.
And, even more accurately, having Faith that the money is there for you. Believe that God/the universe will provide it for you.
These are big concepts that most people don’t learn growing up. I didn’t learn them and I was raised in an amazing home with tons of amazing life opportunities and experiences.
So, if you want to have mastery of your life, the task before you is to learn these concepts and learn how to apply them to your life.
I help people do this in 6 months working with you 1:1 focusing on creating exactly what you want most in your life.
Send me a message saying “I want help mastering these concepts” to get started. 🔥


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It's Never About the Money - Sarah Leslie - Episode 116 on the MoneyHeart podcast

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