Many successful adults have learned that having needs and desires is actually selfish.  

As a result, they have suppressed them. Denied them for years and years. 

And it has become their normal experience to deny themselves.  

It has intertwined in their faith and their beliefs about God and their way of existing here on Earth.  

And they are suffering quietly in this reality.

So much so, that most folks I get the chance to talk to are not truly aware of what their heart MOST desires.  

This means, we lose sight of what we are intended for, who we are intended to be, and the beauty of life as it was intended.  

Desire is not selfish. It was given by the Creator. Desire is actually Divine.

The game I play now is all about being in tune and in awareness of my heart’s desires. My knowings.  My purpose. In a new way than I have ever experienced before.

When we are aware of our desires – needs, wants, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs we create the life we most want. We are thoughtful and intentional in our life decisions. We function from alignment with who we are intended to be in the world.  

From this posture, we are most capable to love and be loved with ease and delight.  

We serve in our greatest roles and contributions to the community around us.  

We are the most creative and able to access our imagination at the highest level.  

We accept our whole selves, including our shadow side, and therefore have the capacity to accept others exactly as they are too.

If you are aware of how you are living out old childhood patterns of believing you are selfish or that attending to your needs and wants is selfish, if you were told as a child many times over that you are selfish or that being needy is selfish, it’s time to clear that sh*t out of your system. 

It IS holding you back.

It’s time to get liberated and live in the divine knowledge that you were created with desires.  

It’s time to live as the divine being you were created as.

The divine being who is more than enough.  

More than capable of being loved, being accepted, being cherished.

More than capable of loving others with a full cup, that has no neediness attached to it or expectation of return – from a posture of wholeness.  

If this message is speaking to you and you are ready to get even more liberated to operate in the divine purpose of your life, let’s chat! Reach out to me saying this message resonated.  

Sending you love and liberation from the old way which is keeping you small.

Liberated Living 💖💫🔥

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