The ultimate gift of love lies within. 💖

It is within us and yet it is so strangely hard to access for ourselves. 


I believe it is the hardest thing to do … love yourself.  

Fully, unequivocally and compassionately.  


To accept oneself, the good, the not so good and the unattractive – to love all of thyself with the same heartfelt love we desire and so often give to others.


To show oneself deep grace for mistakes that happen.  

Without judgment, shaming, name calling or depriving yourself of good things as a result.


To be gentle in the periods of what feels like slow learning and repeated mistakes.  To greet that part of yourself with sincere understanding and forgiveness as it is needed. 


To celebrate your accomplishments to the fullest and be your biggest fan.

Experiencing true pride in a job well done, to notice every win in your every day, to see that evidence of you showing up and putting in maximum effort to your life. 


Caring for your body with tenderness, kindness and appreciation.  Treating it and feeding it in the best way allows you to feel strong and energized. 


To be able to look in a mirror and say, “You’re amazing and I love everything about you.” 

To be faithful to yourself, day in and day out. 


Truly, I believe this love is the hardest thing to do. 


It is the greatest love affair that you have the chance to experience in this lifetime. 

It’s the relationship that connects you to the divine source of Love and Life. 


Without you, you would not be able to experience God.  You would not be able to experience love. 

You would not be able to share love with others or experience the profound love and intimacy that happens between two committed humans.

And yet… we struggle so so so much to do this relationship.  


We are so hard on ourselves. We are so nit-picky about everything we do. We suffer from anxiety, overthinking and focus on fixing our flaws and shortcomings. 


We judge our bodies, our behaviors, our thoughts, we call ourselves names and we deprive ourselves from the things we desire and enjoy most. 


We force ourselves to do things out of obligation with all sorts of reasoning behind it, we tell ourselves it’s in our best interest to stay when we truly want to leave and we tell ourselves it will get better when we don’t believe it will. 


This is “the work.” 

The most important work.  

Learning to love yourself first.  

Fully, passionately and unconditionally.  

Like you would a newborn baby or a new lover. 


This is the work because without doing this, without prioritizing yourself first and loving yourself first, you will always struggle to be loved by others, to receive love from others, including God, especially God.  

The great source that gives you everything you desire and more.  

The source that has already given you the whole world and yet you cry out from a posture of lack and uncertainty and doubt.  


Because your faith is hindered.  

Your awareness is hindered.  

You do not SEE how it has already been given to you.  

You cry out in confusion because you have blinders on that have not yet been removed.  


It just means your faith needs to mature. 

To be nurtured and diligently mentored. 


As humans we will always have some blinders on to some part of Love, it is part of the experience.  But, you get to a point in maturity where you accept and appreciate the process for what it is. 


Don’t let this upset you or frustrate you, embrace it.  

There is always more Love to experience.  


Every time you remove a part of the veil, 

you experience more of the fullness of God.  


You don’t arrive in this lifetime to a place where you are fully enlightened or have full access to all there is to know or able to behold the fullness of God.  You just don’t.  So you can rest now.  


Rest in what you do know, rest in the unfolding journey of life, learn more about you and more about life. Relax into being more and more loved exactly as you desire to feel.  


Narrow in on what’s most important for where you are right now.  

Focus on learning to love yourself in the purest, honest, loving way. As you do, your life will unfold with all the things you most, truly want and more. 


Work through the hindrances, the barriers, the experiences that have scared you and left you with shame, fear, self-doubt and so much anxiety.  


Each one removed reveals the beauty and is a part of you being restored to your natural state of rest. 

This is the design of the journey.  

Seek to live in the rest.  


Learn to love the true you, to be the true you, love others and contribute to the greater good while learning life’s lessons along the way.


And in case no one has told you today, You are magnificent!  



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