“What Do You Do?”

I’ve been getting this question a lot lately. When people hear the title “life coach,” it usually evokes the question, “what exactly do you do?” I get it. I used to have the same response.

The short answer is, I help people improve their lives. I show them a new, easier, more pleasurable way to live & at the same time practically upgrade their personal and professional lives (while also enjoying themselves.)

Here’s a more detailed answer:

As a social worker, therapist, and now life coach for 25 years, I have worked with all kinds of people from every walk of life – every type of person in all different situations and circumstances of life.
And, in all that time, I have seen a few themes of why people suffer and fail to thrive in life.

It’s truly fascinating to sit down with a high-level successful business person one day and later in the week sit down with a struggling addict in treatment and hear the same core story.

I hear the same story because I am a “mind detective” and instead of listening to the story, I am listening to the story underneath the one they are telling me. It’s my role to help them better understand the story they are living out and to change it as they choose to.

I look for themes, patterns of thinking, and beliefs that lead a person to live less than they want to – where they doubt themselves, fear themselves, and ultimately shut down parts of who they are because they feel like they have to.

Every human experiences themes of self-doubt, feelings of not being enough, not doing enough, not being liked, feeling judged, failing, looking like a fool, fear of success, being alone, feeling they have to do it all on their own, feeling the weight of the world, and not belonging.

It’s these themes that lead people to all kinds of destructive behaviors from overeating to trouble sleeping to thoughts of ending their life and for some actually doing it.

All of these themes are at the core of ALL human suffering.

These are the themes, the blocks that hold people back from the love they desire, the income they desire, from loving and caring for their bodies in the best way and ultimately living out the desires on their hearts and walking in their true purpose here on the planet.

And, THIS is where I come in.

I help amazing successful leaders in the world (which I believe we are all called to be) leave a lasting legacy in the world while also deeply enjoying their own life and being their true selves in the process.
When a person partners with me, we go into their inner world and we get super clear on their own unique blocks.

The blocks & themes that have been causing havoc in your life, usually for years and years, and we “capture” them. We bring a vast amount of awareness to them so that you are able to see clearly how those themes have been running your life.

And, holding you hostage from the very things you most desire. From the life you were created to live. From the desires on your heart that you know you were intended to live out.

We remove those blocks, those systems of beliefs and those limitations you’ve set up.

And, I help you to see the world as it was originally created, full of life and purpose and connection. The way you know it is intended to be.

Then we create new themes of trust, understanding, and faith, in ways you have never experienced those qualities before. I help you cultivate them as strategies of how to do life in a much more powerful way.

We pair those new themes with a new vision for your future. A vision so much bigger than anything you were able to conceptualize before. Because now the fear isn’t in the way of you dreaming BIG.

And then, we go to work on creating your vision in your life. Not planning for it down the road, but bringing it into your life right now. One piece at a time.

This is Liberation. 🔥
This is what is meant to live as a Free person. 💖
This is when you start waking up to a life where you are excited to get out of bed and excited to live fully until the day you die. 💫

This is the journey that I took myself over the course of several years. I have compiled my process and condensed it down for you to experience in a much shorter amount of time while having consistent and continuous help for as long as you want my support.

I had no idea what it was like to have the loving support of a coach, a mentor, or a guide until I was willing to invest in one.

To become willing to put my money where I said I was hurting the most and on what I SAID I wanted the most.

I had to stop all of my excuses of why I couldn’t enjoy my life. And, actually, bet on myself.

And, man, am I so glad I finally dropped down far enough into my own hell to finally do it.

And, now I continue to invest in my own coaching, because I know that the sky’s the limit on the amount of goodness available to me and the amount of amazingness I can help to bring into the world.

This is the design God intended.
People supporting each other in the most profound way.
Helping to lovingly reveal their blindspots and remove the log from their eye
So that they might “see” as intended and create as designed.

You were created to be a powerful leader in your own unique part of the world and in your own community and sphere of influence.
To lead those who are watching you; to show them what is possible.
Choose to be an example of what’s possible, starting with being deeply supported and held by a trained coach.

This is the work that I do with others and receive for myself.
I invite you to experience your own Liberated Life and create your own terms.

Commit and invest in yourself.
I work with people for a period of 6 months 1:1 over zoom anywhere in the world.
I offer a free one-hour consultation to get to know each other better, bring more clarity to what you want and how I can help you with it.

Send me a private message to start the conversation or schedule a time to meet with me at the link here.
Let’s GO! 🔥

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